CoSchedule – Smart Organization for Your Marketing Effort

CoSchedule Review – Smart Organization for Your Marketing Effort

A better-organized marketing effort is crucial for business success.

And this statement above can’t be any truer in today’s fast-paced, jam-packed digital business world. Most companies already saturate the online business landscape, and organization is the only stellar factor among brands.

If you’re targeting making the most of organizing all your marketing, you need a management software to do it. And if you’re keen on the organization getting done right, you need a premium service provider,

Right now, more than two-dozen mail marketing and organization software are out there. If you’re keen to make any of these tools your choice, you need essential info.

One of the best tools to consider for your mail marketing effort is CoSchedule. And in this guide, we’ll be looking at essential features of CoSchedule your business may need for sustained growth.

Fact Sheet – CoSchedule

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
CoScheduleYes (Free Headline Analyzer Tool and extension)Pinterest integration; Subject Line Tester; Headline Analyzer;99+

Why CoSchedule is Great?

One of the outstanding features of the CoSchedule software is its Headline Studio. With this tool, users can create, analyze, and edit headlines that promote engagement.

Such far-reaching features make this tool ideal for all things digital marketing. And if you’re targeting more engagement and conversions from your posts, headlines are a great starting point.

Also, CoSchedule provides its users access to multiple integrations across sites making it a handy tool. You can integrate the extension with increased comfort and organize your marketing effort without hassle.

And when it comes to automation and marketing solutions, CoSchedule has multiple features on offer. Users can leverage features available in the Marketing Calendar and Marketing Suite for business growth. 

Who Should Buy CoSchedule?

Businesses targeting a more organized workflow and marketing automation campaign will fancy CoSchedule. Also, marketers keen on more engaging content will benefit from several tools available on CoSchedule.

Headline Studio

Getting catchier emails to your contacts takes some work. And if you’re not planning to drop the ball, losing some contacts as a result, you need engaging headlines.

That’s why the Headline Studio is one of CoSchedule’s most coveted tools. With this tool, users can get better suggestions and increased traffic to their site.

Engaging headlines do the trick, even if most clickers won’t remain on your site for too long.

The Headline Studio tool provides users information on eight factors that boost headline conversion rates. Users get information on word balance, sentiment, character count, clarity, skimmability, and much more.

All these make your headlines much better, giving your mails stronger effect, leading to more conversions.

Marketing Calendar

The Marketing Calendar provides customers access to a wide range of organization-targeted features. These features help you maximize your marketing effort, leading to better returns overall.

With the marketing calendar, rescheduling, shares, automation, and much more are more comfortable.

Marketing Suite

With the Marketing Suite, users can get access to automation at a different level. Tteam progress tracking, asset/files storage, and more are all available with this product.

Social Message Optimizer

The Social Message Optimizer helps get your intended messages out in a clearer, more striking fashion. It’s one of the several tools CoSchedule users rely on to make their messages more attractive to contacts.

Subject Line Tester

With the email subject line tester, users get direct access to more engaging intros for their mails. The feature enhances your input, delivering improved conversion potential to your mails. Frequent mail senders can leverage this tool to boost responses to their mail sends.


  • Calendar custom views saving
  • ConvertKit integration
  • Email Subject Line Tester
  • Files and asset storage
  • Team-wise calendar sorting
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Headline Analyzer
  • Headline Studio (Free Chrome extension)
  • Team workflows automation
  • Marketing calendar (real-time function)
  • Marketing requests management
  • Organization for mail marketing, events, website content, etc
  • Projects rescheduling
  • Read-only calendar shares
  • Single, scheduled calendar for all marketing projects
  • Social automation and publishing
  • Social Message Optimizer
  • Team progress monitoring



  • Expensive Marketing Suite plan
  • Extensive customer support required

What to Consider before Buying CoSchedule

Your organization needs

If you run a small digital marketing campaign, CoSchedule has several tools you can leverage for business growth. The same goes for larger businesses, but with some notable differences.

While smaller businesses could benefit from cheaper products, larger campaigns could need more tools. With more tools comes a higher financial requirement. But in the long run, your investment could be worth it.

Members of your team

All businesses sizes have something to draw from CoSchedule. If you’ve got a small team, it makes organization more comfortable than previously thought.

And bigger teams can centralize their marketing effort, regardless of their team member count. So, if you’re looking for a dynamic software that scales with your business, this could be it.

Final Verdict

CoSchedule has several packages you can leverage to full benefit. With the info in this guide, it becomes less hassling to make CoSchedule your favored management app.

Check out more on CoSchedule below to help you make a better choice:



  • Headline analyzer tool not supported for users without website URLs
  • Marketing Suite could be expensive based on users’ needs

The support CoSchedule offers makes seamless organization of your marketing effort more comfortable. Making it your top choice could assure you a better handle on your marketing needs.

And if you’re targeting some free stuff with your order, there’s several no-charge items on offer from CoSchedule. All these features ensure you get smarter organization for your business and more value for money.

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