ConvertKit – Creating a Stronger Connection with Your Audience

ConvertKit Review – Creating a Stronger Connection with Your Audience

If you’re targeting a healthier, more productive digital marketing campaign, professional mail marketing is indispensable.

And since you’re likely to have next to zero email marketing experience, you need expert hands. The best way to leverage what mail marketing provides is with help from a professional source. Several (more than thirty) top mail marketing solutions providers are available.

One of the top brands to boost your mail marketing strategy is ConvertKit. That’s why in this post, we’ll be taking a detailed look into everything ConvertKit offers.

With the info this guide provides, you’ll have all the information to know if ConvertKit is what your business needs.

Fact Sheet – ConvertKit

BrandFree Plan Unique Feature(s)Total App Integrations
ConvertKidYes (up to 1000 free subscribers)1. Unlimited addition of team members (on Creator Pro only),
2. Free tool migration, Basic, priority, and premium customer support (Free, Creator, and Creator Pro, respectively)

Why ConvertKit is Great

Building an audience from scratch could be difficult without the right resources. ButConvertKit offers its users several features targeted at helping them create and sustain their mailing list contacts.

And with the email marketing solutions on offer, it becomes less hassling to get your digital campaign running.

Also, being able to send out several personalized emails adds sophistication to your campaign. That’s why ConvertKit offers its users support for personalized mail template creation. You’ll be able to direct your messages to a broader audience without being detached from your contacts.

Sign-up form creation is also available for ConvertKit users. You can conveniently link several new subscribers to your mailing list hassle-free, even with a free plan.

Multiple apps (more than a hundred) can seamlessly integrate with ConvertKit. Getting more support for your mailing list building and lead generation gets a boost through this feature.

Who Should Buy ConvertKit

If you’re searching for a mailing list solutions provider with flexible packages and several services, check out ConvertKit.


  • Audience building
  • Email marketing
  • Sign-up form creation
  • Landing pages support
  • Template automation
  • Personalized email templates
  • Several ‘How-To’ guides



  • Limited support for free plans
  • High transaction fee

What to Consider Before Buying ConvertKit

The audience-building support you need

Targeting growing your audience alone could be challenging without expert help. That’s why it’s essential to make the most of your audience-building potential with an ideal plan.

Several plans are available from ConvertKit to help you reach a bigger audience. All you need is the right funding to leverage advanced mail marketing solutions without the hassle.

Your budget

How much can you afford to boost your mailing list to a broader audience?

Boosting your mailing list halfway could be dangerous, as competitors are always on the prowl in online businesses.

Select a plan you can be consistent with, and scale up only when your finances can support a bigger package.

Mailing frequency

Infrequent mailers find it challenging to keep their subscriptions, regardless of the platform they select. That’s why it could be ideal for making more of lesser subscriptions when you’re not a frequent sender.

The size of business you run

If you run a small business and don’t have a potentially massive audience, smaller plans are ideal.

But chances of growing your business through mail marketing are significant. So, if you’re targeting scaling up in your business, it’s better to make a bigger mailing list a priority. 

How many newsletters and blogs you need to create

If you plan to create and run a paid newsletter, all plans on ConvertKit support this feature.

Making the most of this platform naturally leans towards more expensive plans. So, if you’re looking for more support from ConvertKit, you’re likely to get it from Creator and Creator Pro plans.

Final Verdict

When you’re keen on a direct marketing campaign, it becomes easier.


  • Free courses on offer to help you ‘Build’ and ‘Launch’ your mail marketing campaign
  • Simplistic automation tools available to make life easier for marketers, regardless of their skillset
  • Flexible plans for any online business


  • Limited features available on free plans
  • Transaction fee, not the lowest available among mail marketing solutions providers

Searching for the best mail marketing solutions your business needs could’ve been challenging. But with what you’ve seen in this post, it becomes more comfortable to pick a provider.

Make the most of information in this post. With everything this piece provides, you’re more equipped to support your digital marketing effort hassle-free!

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