CleverReach – Smart Email Marketing with Targeted Features

CleverReach Review – Smart Email Marketing with Targeted Features

When you’re targeting a better mail marketing effort, smarter practices become necessary. With up-to-date mail marketing solutions, you can get more from your mailing effort without hassle.

And if you’re searching for a top mail marketing software, dozens of options are available. CleverReach ranks as a top pick among software capable of boosting your mail marketing effort. But before making it your choice, you’re sure to need more info.

That’s why in this guide, you’ll get essential info on everything CleverReach. If you’re gunning for a complete look at what this software can add to your business, this is it.

Make the most of what this guide offers, and make an informed decision, if CleverReach is your favored pick.

Fact Sheet – CleverReach

BrandFree PlanUnique FeaturesTotal integrations CleverReachYes (250 contacts and 1,000 email sends per month)Fast email editor; Free/Premium email support; Automated email marketing; CleverReach® Reporting Tool;Multiple CMS, CRM, and shop integrations

Why it’s Great CleverReach

Buyers of this plan get access to new recipient data forever. Users also get mailing list expansion support with SSL registration forms. User accounts through this plan are indefinite. So, you can get more of your team members on this package for a more pointed email effort.

Connecting your shop, CRM, and CMS systems with CleverReach is also possible on the Flat Rate plan. You can make the most of integration for better marketing efforts with what this plan offers.

Buyers of the Premium Support plan get 3X faster responses to their queries on weekdays than all other users.  With such support, making the right marketing choices becomes more comfortable.

Who Should Buy CleverReach

Mail marketers keen on a software with several packages and flexible options will fancy this option.

CleverReach Lite

When you opt for CleverReach Lite, you can manage 250 contacts and send about one thousand mails every month.

Lite has several features of the CleverReach app, all at no charge to users. Besides providing mails to 200+ contacts, Lite also provides the potential for mail recipient list increases. Users of CleverReach Lite can leverage SSL-backed forms to broaden their contact list.

While some mail apps may offer free products for a limited period, CleverReach is much different. CleverReach Lite users can leverage features of this package at no charge for as long as they want.

Now, that’s a great deal when you check out what it offers.

But if you mean business with your marketing strategy, scaling to bigger plans make more sense.

CleverReach Flat Rate

When you’re a frequent sender, this product should suit your needs nicely. You can manage 120,000+ contacts and send unlimited emails every month.

And that’s just the tip of it.

You get free email support with the Flat Rate plan. But you can choose to buy Premium support for better customer service from CleverReach.

CleverReach High Volume

With the High Volume option, users get most features of the Flat Rate plan with some differences.

With the High Volume plan, you can have unlimited contacts and send 300,000+ mails each month.

CleverReach Prepaid

Ideal for small businesses with unlimited recipients and allows more than 1,000+ emails sends every month. Available in monthly and annual options.

CleverReach Premium Support (Add-On)

The Premium Support feature isn’t an out and out plan, but costs users around $40. Buyers of the Premium Support add-on get unlimited phone and email support as compared to limited assistance on other plans.

Also, any inquiries made by a customer with Premium Support gets priority status. So, if you’re keen on being ahead of others every time in the pecking order, this is an ideal plan.

And that’s not all.

CleverReach Email Design/Spam Tests (Add-On)

With this feature, users have the platform to check out how their mails display on senders’ screens. These tests show whether any spam filters are likely to block your messages too.

Also, buyers of this add-on can get a close look at how their mails display on mobile devices and web-mailers.


  • Newsletter analysis and optimization
  • Automated mail marketing
  • CleverReach® ads
  • REST API integration
  • GDPR-compliant marketing
  • Double opt-in forms
  • SSL-encrypted sign-up forms
  • Premium Support (attracts extra charges)


  • Unlimited mail/phone support
  • Offers better customer service
  • Secure opt-in forms
  • Encrypted registration forms
  • Easier app integration


  • Expensive premium support
  • Pricey design/spam tests

What to Consider before Buying CleverReach

Mail sends per month

If you’ve got to send no more than 300K emails per months, High Volume plans make sense. But if you’ve got bigger needs, say mail sends withing 500K+, you need flat rate plans. Depending on your needs, there’s a product to give you a marketing boost from CleverReach.

Sending frequency

Infrequent mail senders don’t need a flat rate or high volume plan, particularly when they can’t afford it.

Consider how many times you’ll have to send mails before committing to any plan. If you don’t make the right choice, you could end up paying for a product you rarely use.

But if you’ve got to get more mails to your audience over a short time period, consider bulky plans. Bigger products afford buyers access to more features and a better chance of increased marketing returns.

Final Verdict

When you’re keen on making CleverReach your favored mail marketing software, this guide has all you need. Making the most of what’s in this post is a lot easier when you leverage more info below:


  • CleverReach offers cheap packages likely to suit several mail management  needs, size regardless
  • SSL-encrypted forms keeps your recipients information and your mailing list safe from intrusion
  • Several plug-ins allow seamless integration with other apps for better mail marketing solutions


  • Users have to pay a separate fee to get Premium Support.
  • Spam tests could be less expensive

CleverReach is a top choice for several mail marketers. If the software has what you need, consider making it a favored pick.

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