Quick 9 Cancer Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

Quick 9 Cancer Blog Post Ideas

Even though we have many treatments for cancer, the disease is quite prevalent. Since there is so much information on the web, blog posts about cancer are still beneficial. These posts can help sort through some of this information for individuals who are actively researching or seeking knowledge. There are also multiple types of cancers, so blog posts can help explain the nuances between the varying kinds. Let’s look at nine helpful cancer blog post ideas that can help your readers sort through all the info on the web.

1. Cancer

A blog post on cancer could include a variety of things. You may want to describe what exactly cancer is and how it grows. Another option is to review terminology a person will hear if new to the cancer world (ex: metastasize, oncology, etc.). You could also discuss some of the different types of cancer or even what the most common cancers are.

2. Brain cancer

When covering the topic of brain cancer, it would be important to talk to readers about the different types of brain cancers and the associated mortality rates. While there is no way to make some of these types of brain cancers seem positive, readers deserve to be informed.

3. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is probably one of the better known cancers. A post on this topic could go over early detection methods or how to qualify for genetic cancer screenings. Another helpful post would be on how to do a self-exam. You can cover the stages of this disease if you want to show readers what size tumor equates to what stage. Another thought is to create content on what happens after treatment and surgery. That isn’t talked about a great deal with survivors.

4. Colorectal cancer

An interesting fact about colorectal cancer is that if this type of cancer is caught in its earlier stages, it can be 100% cured. Signs that indicate colorectal cancer would be useful for readers, so readers know what to look for. This type of cancer can be strongly affected by environmental factors. Educate your readers on what things they need to remove from their diets and lifestyles to help prevent this type of cancer.

5. Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer

Leukemia and lymphoma are blood cancers. The public may not be well educated on these diseases. A thoughtful blog post would be to explain how these cancers work and how they are treated. Treatment success rates for both of these cancers are high, so that is a point worth covering in your post. Many different kinds of blood cancers are more common in specific age groups, so detailing that would be helpful to readers as well.

6. Lung Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer

Posts on these topics should revolve around how these things appear linked, but are not. Lung cancer can be caused by asbestos, and that should be noted for readers. However, mesothelioma is not technically a lung cancer. While the general public thinks lung cancer comes from smoking, it is not widely known that it is 2nd most common cancer in the US, and smoking rates are at all-time lows. Early screening is another excellent post idea.

7. Ovarian Cervical Uterine Cancers

As these are all gynecological cancers, they can all get lumped together. That is a mistake that you should clear up for your readers. Show the differences between the three. Also, let readers know that cervical cancer can be easily detected and treated through screening measures while ovarian can not. Uterine cancer is entirely different in terms of detection and treatment. Two of the three can be detected during regular checkups, so let readers know how critical yearly exams are. Genetic cancer screening is also helpful, especially for ovarian cancer, so a post on how to obtain this type of test would be useful.   

8. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is common in men and easily treatable when caught early. Creating a post that focuses on early detection and how that improves survival rates would be helpful. When caught early, survival is almost 100%. Another post that emphasizes going for your yearly checkup and making this a part of the exam would also provide essential information for your readers.

9. Skin cancer

Skin cancer is another cancer that, when caught early, treatment is highly successful. A new blog post idea for this topic would be how to select a dermatologist and to add a yearly skin cancer screening to your list of preventative doctor visits. An additional idea would be about the genetic predisposition some people have to melanomas. Skin cancer isn’t usually thought to have a genetic component, but melanomas may be the exception to that.


Hopefully, these points have provided you with some excellent ideas for cancer-related blog posts. While cancer is a disease most everyone is aware of, there are many details about specific cancers that the public will not be knowledgeable about. You can take these nine helpful cancer blog post ideas and create some content that will help educate your readers about lesser-known facts. Some cancers have excellent recovery rates, and others can be caught and cured with early detection. Use these ideas to get information to your audience.

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