Campayn – Easier Email Building for Your Business

Campayn Review – Easier Email Building for Your Business

When it comes to building better emails, your effort may wear out.

You need expert help to make the most of email building for your contact list. After all, you need your contacts hinged to what your newsletters offer whenever you send messages.

Since it’s decided you need a mail building solution, picking the right software provider follows.

Right now, several tools support emails building for their customers. Campayn is one of the major options for users when it comes to building emails for their mailing list.

And in this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at what Campayn offers. If you’ve been considering

Campayn as a major choice for your business, this guide gives you essential details. With all this info, it becomes less hassling to make Campayn your top pick among mail building apps.

Fact Sheet – Campayn

BrandFree Plan Unique FeaturesCalendar
CampaynYes (send 12000+ mails to 500 contacts)Custom HTML uploads,Email support across plans,10% off for annual plan purchases,core features included in all plans,RSS – email supportYes

Why Campayn is Great

Campayn affords its users with HTML experience some freedom to customize their messages. If you’re a customer with HTML knowledge, Campayn provides a section to upload your own code. Making your site look how you want it becomes easier with such a feature.

And helping your contacts remember important events is becoming an essential part of mail marketing campaigns. That’s why Campayn provides its users with calendar buttons. The calendar buttons are easy to embed to your mails, giving contacts an easier heads-up.

Who Should Buy Campayn?

Buyers searching for a flexible mail marketing solutions app that scales with their business will fancy Campayn.

It could be a great choice for users that have some knowledge of HTML, or users with none at all.

Campayn Basic

Most core features of Campayn are available to Basic users. However, if you’re on a Basic Plan, some essential features, like custom HTML uploading, may not be available.

Campayn Basic is an ideal plan for users with a small or huge contact list with minimal marketing requirements. But if you’re targeting up-scaling your contact count and marketing strategies, consider Campayn Unlimited.

Campayn Unlimited

With Campayn Unlimited, users can reach their contact list with more emails each month. Also, the Unlimited plan offers more features not found in Basic plans.

Buyers of Campayn Unlimited can leverage custom HTML uploads, file attaches, automation consulting, and more.

Campayn Pay as You Go

Most infrequent mail senders find it difficult to maintain regular subscriptions to mail marketing software.

And that’s why Pay as You Go from Campayn could offer infrequent mail senders greater flexibility. With this plan, you can send mails with credits purchased that don’t expire.

Getting more value from your investment, even as an infrequent sender, doesn’t get any better than this.

Campayn Features

  • Segmentation
  • Double Opt-In feature
  • Pop-up, full-page sign-up forms
  • Email automation
  • 90% email deliverability (8% bounce, 2% spam)
  • Custom HTML uploads
  • Add to Calendar
  • Google Maps image add function
  • File attaches
  • Contact manager
  • Insights (ROI tracking, devices, location, activity, etc.)



  • Expensive larger plans
  • Could require HTML knowledge

What to Consider before Buying Campayn

Your mail sending frequency

Infrequent mail sends could target a specific audience at a particular time, making a regular plan unnecessary. If you’re keen on an affordable mail marketing solution for your non-frequent mail sends, check out Campayn.

The Campayn Pay As You Go plan could be an ideal pick if you don’t send mails very often.

Contacts in your mailing list

If you’ve got a massive contact list to handle, smaller plans may not do justice to your mail marketing effort.

Bigger plans usually have features targeted at assuring users better marketing support for their mailing list. And better marketing usually translates to more returns on investment.

How many tools you need

If you don’t need some tools, like custom HTML uploading for example, pricier plans may not be appealing. But if you’ve got contacts that need several tools to manage effectively, tooling up makes total sense.

Your budget

A smaller budget usually translates to minimal features from most mail marketing solutions apps. And the same goes for Campayn. But if you’ve got a smaller budget to work with, it’s better to begin mail marketing with what you have.

Customer service

If you’re targeting stellar customer service when you buy Campayn, go for bigger plans. More dedicated support is afforded to users that make a bigger financial commitment to Campayn’s services.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get some customer service from Campayn, but it may not meet your expectations.

Final Verdict

If you’ve got your sights set on Campayn as the preferred pick for your business, leverage info in this guide.

And with more info below, it becomes more comfortable to select Campayn, if it suits your marketing effort:


  • Has support for custom HTML uploads, making tailored emails easy
  • Comes with useful add-ons to keep your contact list engaged
  • Offers several free sign-up forms for users to leverage


  • Campayn Unlimited is only available for users with 3000 to 100,000+ contacts
  • May be expensive for some users

Campayn has a lot of features several mail marketing campaigns can leverage for improved business growth. If you’re focused on making Campayn your top pick, ensure it suits your business needs.

When everything checks out, it becomes easier to make the most of your marketing effort hassle-free!

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