20 Blog Post Ideas for Kids Blogging Biddrup.

20 Blog Post Ideas for Kids Blogging

Are you keeping a blog that is meant to lure kids to start reading? If you are, then you know that you have to write about fun things. You want to write about things that kids will definitely love. It might seem easy when you are a kid-at-heart. Yet, there are still instances when you will find yourself feeling lost. There will be days when you will not know what to say and this is okay.

You can continue reading in order to know more about the blog post ideas that will surely be appreciated by your kid readers.

  1. Best Children’s Book for the Month

    a complete blog post idea on Best Children’s Book for the MonthIf you would like to come up with a topic that you can use every month, this will be a good idea. You can talk about a children’s book that you liked when you were a kid. Even if you are an adult, there may be some children’s books that you will recommend to your kid blog readers. It will make a lot of kids who are interested in books and reading happily.

  2. What You Want to Be

    a complete blog post idea on What You Want to BeTalk about what you wanted to be when you were a child and you can let your kid readers know if you were able to follow through with what you wanted to be. If you have always dreamed of becoming a teacher, are you a teacher now? You may even state your reasons why things went or did not go according to what you have planned. You can inspire kids to reach for their goals when they grow up.

  3. What Pisses You

    a complete blog post idea on What Pisses YouThere are times when you cannot help but become pissed off with something that someone has said or something that someone has done. This is your chance to talk about what makes you lose your cool but make sure that you will use simple terms and that you can talk about things that kids will understand otherwise, they may be scared to check out your blog.

  4. Favorite Toy

    a complete blog post idea on Favorite ToyThere are some toys that you may even forget that you used to have until people will try to bring you back to memory lane and you will remember that you used to have certain toys. There might be a toy that you will never forget no matter how long it has been since you last played with it. Talk about this toy and why it is your favorite. It can make kids more appreciative of the toys that they have too.

  5. Short Story

    a complete blog post idea on Short StoryHave you always dreamed of being an author? Now is your chance to show kids that you have the gift of writing. You can write a short story that will be appreciated by a certain age group. It does not have to be very intricate. It has to be simple enough to be understood. You can even add some illustrations if you feel that their attention span will not last very long.

  6. Post a Picture

    a complete blog post idea on Post a PictureYou can post a picture that you have taken that day and talk about the significance of that picture in your life. You may take a picture of a slide, or something that will be appealing to kids. The more that you will make the picture special, the more that kids will have an appreciation for it. They may even take their own photos that they would like to share with their family members too.

  7. A Simple Recipe

    a complete blog post idea on A Simple RecipeThere are some kids who innately love to cook at an early age. They are always searching for some recipes that they can do at home. Now is your chance to share a recipe of something that you know kids can do safely. It will still be ideal if you would let them know that preparing the recipe will be faster and easier with the help of an adult.

  8. What Makes You Happy?

    a complete blog post idea on What Makes You Happy?There are certain things that can make you happy but you fail to let people know that these things make you happy. Now is the time for you to talk about the things that you like. You may even state some reasons why certain things make you happy. You can also share some reasons why you may become sad but that is for another blog post.

  9. Top Video Games

    a complete blog post idea on Top Video GamesEven adults are allowed to play video games but you may not usually discuss them especially when you are with your bosses or employees. You can definitely share your thoughts regarding some of your favorite games. Talk about why you prefer certain games over the others. As long as the games that you will discuss are kid-friendly, kids may try them out too.

  10. Tell A Joke

    a complete blog post idea on Tell A JokeHave you ever tried to tell a joke but you feel that you will be judged for it? This is not something that you have to worry about when you have your own blog. You can share the joke and you do not even need to add an explanation. A lot of kids can get jokes as long as you will not make your jokes too deep.

  11. Favorite Food as a Kid

    a complete blog post idea on Favorite Food as a KidPeople’s tastes change as they grow older. The things that you liked a lot when you were a kid may not be the same foods that you like now. Discuss your favorite food to eat when you were a kid and when you have decided to stop eating that food. If you have not stopped liking your favorite food, then this is fine too.

  12. Favorite Animal

    a complete blog post idea on Favorite AnimalAnimals are truly fascinating. There are some kids who wish that they can get animals from the wild and take care of them but as an adult, you know that this is just not possible. Still, you are given a chance to discuss what your favorite animal is. The more that kids will agree with you, the more that they will comment on your blog post. You can encourage them to share what their favorite animal is, too.

  13. Invention Wishes

    a complete blog post idea on Invention WishesA lot of kids wish that they can invent things that will make a difference in the world or with their lives. You now have a chance to talk about what invention you may want to create if you would be given a chance. Do you want to have a gadget that will make you more invisible? Will you invent and item that will transform play money into real money? Talk about your thoughts now.

  14. The Best Weekend Ever

    a complete blog post idea on The Best Weekend EverCan you still recall the best weekend that you have had recently? There are some adults who are too focused on their work that they usually forget to relax and have fun. Now is your chance to relax again and think about all the wonderful memories that you have created during the best weekend ever. You can even encourage kids to create weekends that they will remember for a long time.

  15. Going Back in Time

    a complete blog post idea on Going Back in TimeIf you would be given a chance to go back in time, where would you go and why? There are a lot of kids who are interested in this because they find time travel fascinating. You can talk about the era that you want to visit and what you would like to experience while you are there. Kids can learn a lot from you this way and the era that you want to experience.

  16. Best Sport

    a complete blog post idea on Best SportThe best type of sport will vary from one person to another but you can talk about the sport that you like the most. Do you like football? Now is your chance to discuss why this is your favorite among all the others that you have tried or watched on television. You can encourage kids to talk about what their favorite sport is too.

  17. Money Saving Tip

    a complete blog post idea on Money Saving TipKids should be taught about the value of money at an early age. There are some people who become spoiled because they get what they want immediately. They do not work hard for the things that they get so they have this notion that life is easy. Now is your chance to show them the worth of money and how they can start saving soon.

  18. Embarrassing Moment

    a complete blog post idea on Embarrassing MomentThere are times when you would do something that will make you feel embarrassed. It can be falling in front of the person that you admire or dropping something when you were doing an experiment in the science laboratory. You can do this when you are feeling brave. There is also a big chance that you will make a lot of kids laugh.

  19. Things You Want to Try

    a complete blog post idea on Things You Want to TryAre there some things that you want to try but you feel that doing these things will seem impossible right now? You have all the right to share these things with your kid readers. Make sure that the things that you will share are safe. You can talk about the food products that you have not tried yet but you will try soon. The more that you share information, the better it would be.

  20. Earliest Memory

    a complete blog post idea on Earliest MemoryIf you would try to look back and remember something that has happened when you were young, how old were you during that time? You can talk about what you remember. You can even talk about trying to verify this memory with your parents or with older family members. It can be fun for kids and they may try to retain their memories more so that they will remember more when they grow older.


There are still a lot more ideas that you can talk about when you are trying to target kids to read your blog. You can talk about things that will appeal to them or things that will make them laugh. The more that they find your blog entertaining, the more that they will try to visit your blog whenever they can. This is something that you would definitely want.

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