50 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners Biddrup.

50 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Back in 1967, The Byrds had one of their biggest hits, “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.”  Well, it’s now 2019, and maybe they should release a new version, “So You Want to Be a Blogging Star”. With a potential audience of millions for your personal website or web page, who wouldn’t  want to be a blogging star? The purpose here is not to help you with all the technical aspects of starting your own blog. What we’re trying to do here is to stimulate those creative urges hidden inside you, and get you on the blogging freeway.  So take a quick scan through these potential topics, and hit the keyboard!

  1. Write about yourself.

    a complete blog post idea on blog post idea Write about yourself
    Tim Mossholder

    Okay, this one is so easy I shouldn’t even have to write it.  Tell us about yourself. Everyone has a unique trait or quality.  This could be a particular talent, like singing, or possibly an unusual job, such as zookeeper.  It could also be a key event in your life, such as marriage, college graduation, or anything else that has particular relevance to you.  Start putting words on paper and you will be amazed how quickly the words will flow.

  2. Write about your ancestry.

    a complete blog post idea on blog post idea Write about your ancestry
    Lindy Baker

    Given all the current interest in genealogy, write something about your ancestors.  You can tell about how many generations ago they immigrated, how they got here, and what their first years were like.  Are there any of the “old country” traditions still celebrated today? You can cover this for your paternal side, your maternal side, or both.

  3. Write about your pets.

    a complete blog post idea on Write about your pets
    Manja Vitolic

    Estimated spending on pets during 2017 was almost $70 billion in the US, so pet ownership is obviously an important part of our culture.  Write about your pets – what type, how long have you had them, any interesting or humorous stories about them – anything you think of that you would like to share with other pet lovers.  Maybe your blog becomes the next Marley & Me!

  4. Write about your children.

    a complete blog post idea on Write about your children
    Irvin Macfarland

    If you have children, you should be able to write volumes about them!  Birth stories, school stories, embarrassing moments, proud moments – everything can be on the table.  And look on the bright side; as they get older, you can embarrass them in front of their friends by showing them your blog.

  5. Write about wishes.

    biddrup; a complete blog post idea on Write about wishes; Blog Post Ideas for Beginners
    Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

    Maybe some of us are living the life of our dreams, but for most, there are always thoughts of “I wish…”.  If you could change things, what would be your dream job? Where would you like to live? Which famous person would you like to know?  What talent would you pick that you don’t have today?

  6. Write about a car buying experience.

    Blog Post idea on Write about a car buying experience
    Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

    Maybe you bought a car, argues and haggled with the dealer, and got a great price.  Maybe you thought you got a great price, only to find out later it wasn’t such a good deal after all.  Maybe the deal was great and the car turned out to be a lemon. Car buying is something we all love to hate; tell us about it.

  7. Write about your greatest sports achievement.

    biddrup; a complete blog post idea on Write about your greatest sports achievement; Blog Post Ideas for Beginners
    Image by Messan Edoh from Pixabay

    Maybe it was dropping that fifty foot putt to take that $5 bet from your brother-in-law.  Or draining a basket to send the game to overtime. A great catch or key hit during a baseball game.  A great defensive play or showy goal in soccer. You know there is something out there – tell us about it.

  8. Write about what keeps you busy.

    Other than work, which is usually a necessary evil, how do you spend your time?  Are you a driver for your children? Voracious reader? Play sports in your free time?  Write blogs? 🙂 Assuming we work eight hours and sleep eight hours, that still leaves one-third of your day open.  Tell us how it is used.

  9. Write about a person you admire.

    This should be a wide open topic.  It could be a friend or relative, a mentor at work, a sports figure, soldier, or emergency responder.  It could be someone you know personally, or someone you admire from afar. Discuss what it is they do or did that makes you put them on your personal pedestal.

  10. Write about gifts.

    Start by filling in the blank – “The best gift I ever received was ______”.  What was the occasion? Birthday, Christmas, or maybe just because? Why was the gift the best for you?  Was it unique, absolutely appropriate for you, or did it just strike a chime within you when you got it?

  11. Write about your job.

    Be careful here; you never know who might be reading it.  How long have you done it? Is it satisfying, or just a paycheck?  Are you learning new things, and have a chance to grow, or is it a dead end until you leave and move on to something else?  What is the best thing about it? What is it that drives you nails on chalkboard crazy?

  12. Write about your favorite book.

    Okay, admittedly this assumes you’ve read one at some point in time.  What genre was it – fiction, non-fiction, biography, romance, etc.? Was there a character or scene from the book that was exceptionally memorable for you?  Once you read it, did you go back and look for other books by the same author?

  13. Write about a movie based on your favorite book.

    Has your favorite book already been turned into a movie?  If so, did you like the movie more or less than you enjoyed the book?  Did the stars in the movie match your visualization of the book characters?  If the book has not yet been turned into a movie, who should star in it so it best represents the book?

  14. Write about a travel experience.

    Share a travel experience with your audience.  This might be the vacation of a lifetime, or it might be the business trip from hell.  Did you get a free upgrade on the flight, or were you relegated to Aisle 30 by the bathroom door?  Was the trip a relaxing start to your vacation, or was there a mad sprint through the airport only to watch the plane pull away from the gate?

  15. Write a “Best of” list.

    This topic has absolutely endless capacity to generate feedback and discussion.  You could keep it very generic, such as “Best Books of the 20th Century”, or really drill down with “Top Five Hits of Creedence Clearwater Revival”.  Ask for comments from your audience – agree or disagree, or even ask them for suggestions of their own. It should generate lots of interest.

  16. Write a “Follow-up to My Best of …” list.

    Okay, you put yourself out there with your own “best of” list, and, of course, everyone has their own opinion.  Put together some of the best comments and publish a follow-up to your original blog. If there is a trend in the comments, make a note of it.  Maybe “Proud Mary” didn’t make your CCR list and you got creamed for it. Put it out there and see if it generates another round of comments.

  17. Write about your favorite food.

    It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone has a favorite food.  It may be that old time comfort food your grandmother used to make, that special casserole or a meatloaf.  Maybe it’s haute cuisine with a French flair, or an old-fashioned American cheeseburger and fries. Get yours out there!

  18. Write about television, in general and at a high level.

    Do you go back to the days of three stations, or have you only known CNN, 24 hour news, and 300 channels?  Is the quality of TV improving, or getting worse? Are you an advocate of Nickelodeon and all the old shows, or do you focus on the new content flowing out of Netflix and Amazon Prime?

  19. Write about television, as it affects you.

    Drop down a level of detail here.  What genre of shows do you like most?  How many hours of television do you watch in an average week?  Is it white noise, or are you really into watching? What are your favorite shows on TV?  Do you binge watch TV? There are hundreds of things you can discuss and comment on about television.

  20. Write about “back to the future”.

    No, not the movie series.  But imagine you could get in a time machine and visit yourself at a time in the past.  At what age would you visit the younger you? Why? What advice would you give yourself, based on what you have learned in today’s time?  No stock market or betting tips, please. 🙂

  21. Write about “this or that”.

    Write out a list of twenty or so options from which your audience must make a choice – a “this or that” list.  Examples could be pizza or a hamburger; Die Hard or Lethal Weapon; baseball or football, and so on.  If you’re feeling especially creative, the list could be themed; all food choices, all movie choices, etc.  Compile the results and use them as a topic for a separate blog.

  22. Write about being stranded ala Castaway or Robinson Crusoe.

    You’re going on an ocean voyage, and you have a strong premonition you will ended up marooned on a deserted island.  Talk about what you would want to have with you on the island. Books, music, foods, brand of volleyball, and so on. If you could only pack five of these items, which would they be?

  23. Write about life’s best lessons.

    Looking back, what are some of the most important things you have learned so far in life?  What habits, traits, or characteristics that you have today were strongly influenced by someone in your life yesterday?  Who were the people in your past life that influenced you, and gave you these life lessons? Out of what you learned, which ones would you think most important to pass on to your children?

  24. Write about something you wish you had kept.

    As we age, we end up discarding some of our belongings, and replacing them with new things.  Used cars get traded in for new ones, clothing styles get updated and replaced, old hobbies give way to new ones.  The beat goes on! But, looking back, what are some of your “Oh, man, why did I get rid of that?” moments?

  25. Write about something you really hate doing.

    We all have things that absolutely need to be done, but that we really, really dislike doing.  These can range from weekend laundry to cooking dinner to washing the car. What are your hot buttons, and how do you deal with them?  Do you get it done right away just to get it over with, or procrastinate until there is no choice except to do it?

  26. Write about “alive or dead?”.

    This one will take a little research on your part.  Draft a list of fifteen or twenty semi-famous people.  They need to be people almost everyone will have heard of, but not super famous people.  Use Ed Asner, but not Harry Truman. Head to Google and see if they are still living, or if they have passed away.  Publish this as a contest in your blog, and write the results in another column later.

  27. Write a rant.

    Everyone has a pet peeve – those things that, rational or irrational, set them off.  Every time. What are yours? Slow drivers in the left lane? Kids not picking up after themselves?  Pickles on your burger when you asked for it without them? Tear into it! Trust me, you’ll feel better afterward.

  28. Write a word of the day, or joke of the day.

    Again, this might take a little research on your part.  Go to an online dictionary, pick out a semi-obscure word and the definition, and publish it at the start of your blog.  Or find a joke, and use that instead. You have to decide how blue you can go. Or do both.

  29. Write about your favorite childhood memory.

    This is simple, yet personal enough to reveal part of your personality to your readers.  Maybe it’s that red bicycle that you got on your birthday. A childhood vacation may stick out in your mind, or just a memory with your parents or family.  Close your eyes, remember all the details, and start writing.

  30. Write about the future.

    Specifically, write about your vision for your blog.  Where to you see it in a year? Five years? Thousands of readers, or hundreds of thousands?  How will it evolve? Will it stop being about you, and become a bastion of public or political sentiment, or does it remain uniquely personal and individualized?

  31. Write about a perfect day.

    Describe a day that just could not be any more perfect for you.  Do you get up with the sun, or sleep until the noon news is on? Spend it with family, or lay out on a deserted beach with a book and a drink?  Is it relaxing, or will it be filled with multiple activities that leave you pleasantly exhausted at the end of the day?

  32. Write about today.

    This is another topic that will take a little research.  The object is to fill a blog with information about this particular day.  It can be supplemental to your normal topics, or be a stand alone article.  Which famous people were born today? What obscure holidays are celebrated today?  What happened in history on this day?

  33. Write about nothing.

    Ah, the lazy man’s blog – special guest contributor.  Pick a topic and pass it off to a friend or family member.  Ask them to give you a couple hundred words of their thoughts on the topic.  Interview someone and publish their responses to your questions. Pick a quote or topic and let your readers publish their thoughts on it.  You do need a day off occasionally, after all.

  34. Write about a new skill you would like to learn.

    Everyone has a specific skill set.  It’s needed to do your job, to do the hobbies you enjoy, and just to live life in general.  But what would you like to do in addition to that? Learn to skydive? Drive a Formula One race car?  Or just learn how to correctly hook up that new sound system to the TV without paying someone?

  35. Write about your most epic fail.

    Okay, admittedly, this one could be painful.  But we can’t always do everything right, so let’s look at some of the failures in our lives.  Was it striking out with the bases loaded? The humiliation of getting turned down for a prom date?  It’s time to share your misery.

  36. Write about your favorite recipe.

    Everyone loves food, and everyone has their favorite foods.  Decide on one or two or yours, pull together an ingredient list with appropriate quantities, write out the instructions, and publish your favorite recipes.  You might ask your readers to post some of their, and turn this into a regular feature.

  37. Write about random or fixed topics.

    There are a couple ways to approach writing a blog.  You can wake up in the morning, and write about whatever strikes your fancy at that moment.  Or you can set up a fixed topic schedule, and handle distinct subjects. Sports on Monday, politics on Tuesday, the economy on Wednesday – you get the picture.

  38. Write about your bucket list.

    We all have dreams for ourselves.  Things that we have not yet done, but things that we want to do at some point in the future.  These things make up our bucket list. So put yours out there for everyone to see. Think about that African safari, or buying a two-seat sports car.

  39. Write about what no one knows.

    We all have our secrets.  We don’t share everything, even with those closest to us, let alone casual friends and blog readers.  So make a list of things no one knows about you. Maybe you write poetry, or rebuild car engines. Whatever it is, it’s time to bare your secrets.

  40. Write about another blog.

    If you are a blog writer, the chances are very good you are also a blog reader.  Take some time to critique another blog that you read frequently. What are the strengths and weaknesses of it; what do you like best and least about it?  Are the topics timely and relevant? Is it entertaining, informative, relevant?

  41. Write about your to-do list.

    What books are on your must-read list?  Do you have authors that you immediately read as they release new works?  Is there a specific genre that you enjoy most? Which movies do you absolutely have to see?  Are they based around favorite actors, favorite genres, or did you just happen to see a trailer that happened to catch your eye?

  42. Write about your rewards to yourself.

    You just finished that huge project at work, on time and under budget.  You finally cleaned out your closet and donated the pants you can no longer fit into.  Great job! So how do you reward yourself for these amazing tasks? Do you buy yourself new clothes?  Take a well deserved afternoon off to play golf?

  43. Write about predicting the future.

    Will Jen and Brad get back together again?  Who will be running for president next year?  What features will the iPhone 16 have? This might be a little bit morbid, but who is on your dead pool; which celebrities will die in the coming year?  Drag out that crystal ball and let the predictions flow.

  44. Write a product review.

    We all make purchases all the time.  Try to think of something you’ve bought and used recently, and your overall reaction to that product.  Make a list of the things you like most, and the things you like least. If you could rebuild it, what would you improve?  Would you buy it again, or recommend it to friends and family?

  45. Write about technology.

    Given the rate of technological advances, this would seem to be a limitless subject.  Write about how technology has changed in your lifetime. Do you remember rotary phones and floppy disks?  Or have you only listened to digital music, and have no idea what an eight track is? Which advances have had the greatest impact on you?

  46. Write about free stuff.

    Everybody loves getting something for nothing, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of free things out there today.  Look for some opportunities and pass them on to your readers. Buy one get one free offers. Free trial deals. Discount tickets.  Travel bargains. You could even open it up so readers can add their findings available to others.

  47. Write about social media.

    Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, dating websites.  There are an astounding number of social sites on the internet today.  What do you think about them? Which do you use? How do you use them – to meet people, get society’s pulse, general knowledge or entertainment, or just looking over the shoulder of the rich and famous?

  48. Write about hacks.

    No, not inept writers.  Life hacks. Did you know peeling an onion under running water will stop your eyes from watering?  Hanging a tennis ball from the rafters in your garage so you know where to stop the car when parking it.  Pushing a plastic straw through a strawberry will remove the stem. Help your readers out with these time-saving tips.

  49. Write about a personal challenge.

    Accountability is everything in trying to accomplish a personal goal or challenge.  Are you trying to lose ten pounds before summer? Is it finally time to crush that pack of cigarettes and give them up forever?  Post about whatever it is your are trying to accomplish, and give your readers frequent updates about your progress against those goals.

  50. Write about writing.

    Okay, you’ve been writing and publishing your blog posts for some time now.  It’s time to pay it forward, and give some tips to your readers. What works for you, and makes you most effective in writing your blog?  Is it best to work at a fixed time every day, or do you work when the mood strikes you? Sit down and let the words flow, or jot down ideas and an outline as the day progresses?  You’ve got this, now share it.


If you’ve taken the time to read through this list, and hopefully even used some of the ideas contained here, you should have come to the conclusion that there is nothing magical about writing a blog post.  It’s a matter of taking those things familiar to you, important to you, and relevant in your life, and telling others about them. You don’t need fancy writing and editing skills, you just have to be able to write down what you are thinking.   Because that’s what this is all about – sharing your thoughts with others.

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