Benchmark Email – Top Email Marketing Solutions for Every Business

Benchmark Email Review – Top Email Marketing Solutions for Every Business

Do you want your online campaign to succeed?

You’ve got to have the best mail marketing solution your budget can support.

Over thirty email-marketing products (AWeber, Convertkit, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.) are available for customers to select. If you’re planning to make a quick pick, consider what Benchmark email has to offer.

On their website, they claim to provide ‘Email marketing that won’t slow you down’. The best way to confirm how fast and efficient Benchmark Email isn’t tricky. You just have to check out their features and everything else they offer.

It becomes less hassling and more informed to select Benchmark Email for your email marketing campaign with such information.

A.Fact Sheet – Benchmark Email

BrandFree PlanUnique FeaturesTtoal Integrations
Benchmark EmailYes (up to 500 contacts)Automated mail template setup; data analytics reports: open rate stats; advanced email marketing1500+ across plans

Why Benchmark is Great

Features like advanced reporting help users of Benchmark Email discover how their marketing effort’s holding up. You get usage reports, contact addition rate per month, and other analytics to help your campaign.

And that’s not all.

Pro Marketing Automation is another feature several mail marketers will fancy.

If you’re targeting advanced mail template creation in moments, this could be a great deal. With such mail marketing automation, you get direct access to beautiful, custom templates for your business needs.

Lead generation is integral to building your contact list, regardless of your mailing list size. That’s why Benchmark email provides Simple (free) and Advanced (Pro and Enterprise) lead generation for their users.

Based on your plan, you get access to Basic, Premium, and Priority Support from Benchmark Email Pro. Such support enhances your chances of getting better, tailored email marketing for your business.

Only Enterprise plans possess Dedicated IP support. With this feature, business owners can get focused mail marketing without worrying about sharing their access with other accounts. But if your sights are set on an Enterprise plan, you’ll need a bigger budget and contact list. 

Who Should Buy Benchmark

If you’re searching for a mail marketing solutions product that offers growth potential for small business, consider this option.

Also, mail marketers targeting scaling up their mailing list through lead generation and other advanced features will fancy this product.


  • Unlimited emails
  • Enterprise Plans (for mid-size businesses) available
  • Multiple mail automation blocks
  • Pre-built templates for mail layout
  • Global frame template styles
  • Free subscriber forms
  • A/B testing & reports


  • Affordable annual plans
  • Ideal for scaling up
  • Offers mail marketing solutions
  • Beautiful templates in minutes
  • Data analytics reporting available


  • 250mails/month limit for free plan
  • Monthly plans are expensive

What to Consider before Buying Benchmark Email Pro

Potential contacts

Say, for example, you plan for your mail marketing effort to grow from 2,500 to 5,000 contacts. It would be adverse to buy a 2,500 as you’re likely to spend more over time.

Lots of disparities are visible from Benchmark Email plans. Customers who pay for more extensive plans ultimately get more value for less.

So, if you’re planning to grow your contact list within one month, it’s wiser to buy a bigger plan.


Your budget is an integral factor to consider when looking at enhancing your mail marketing campaign. If you can’t afford monthly payment plans, annual plans come with several discounts. With such deals, you can get more value for money over time.

On some of these plans, you could save more than $1800 every year. Now that’s a great deal when compared to prices from other expensive mail marketing companies.

Total Emails each Month

Do you have to send a large number of emails to contacts every month?

Then you can’t be on a free plan if you select Benchmark Email. You can only access 250 emails to 500 contacts free from Benchmark Email.

Consider investing in cheaper plans and scale up as your business grows. But if you’ve got a massive growth formula for your email marketing, go big or go home.

Final Verdict

Benchmark Email has a lot of enticing features customers could fancy for their business’ growth.

We’ve seen many services available from this product at length right here. And with the info below, you can get more information to make this product your preferred mail marketing solutions provider.


  • Benchmark Email provides customers with a free plan to get several glimpses into what they offer
  • Forms are available across plans to support all business needs from the get-go
  • Allows subscribers the freedom to scale their contact list limits along with their immediate business needs


  • Many features unavailable on Benchmark Email free
  • Differences in some Pro and Enterprise features

Generally, Benchmark Email Pro seems to be a top choice when it comes to email marketing solutions.

And since there’s a free plan to try, you can give this product a go before making any financial commitments. Now, if that’s not a great deal, what is?

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