20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas Biddrup

20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Do you consider yourself to be a beauty blogger? If you are, then you know that you are passionate and enthusiastic about everything that has to do with beauty. You can talk about skin care and you can also create reviews for all the different makeup products that are being released in the market.

You can be passionate about beauty, but you know that in order to get more readers, you also need to release quality and engaging content. It may be easy to come up with some ideas in the beginning, especially when you are writing about things that interesting to you as a reader. Still, the time may come when you run out of great beauty ideas to discuss. There is no need to worry, because you will surely gain more blog ideas about beauty as you continue reading.

  1. Easy Makeup Tutorial

    A lot of people would like to look good, but they usually do not have the time in order to do the full makeup routine. You can come up with a tutorial that will only take a few minutes to complete. You can also use a minimal amount of product, so that your readers will not find the makeup tutorial overly complicated. You may embed a video with the blog post to make it easier for readers to understand your makeup instructions.

  2. Hydration During A Flight

    One of the biggest problems that people encounter is getting dry skin while they are on a flight. People may start to notice that their skin is getting blotchy because their skin is not moisturized enough. When you are able to address this struggle, you can be sure that people will generally like to check the rest of the topics that you can write for them. People like it when you are able to respond to their beauty-related issues.

  3. Hair Colors

    You can come up with a blog post that will detail what type of hair color will work well with different people. Talk about the different things that people should consider before changing their hair colors such as their skin tone, the color of their eyes, and the clothes that they usually wear. These things may have an effect on how dramatic and effective the change of hair color will become.

  4. Acne

    A lot of people right now struggle with acne. Acne may appear in different parts of the body. There are some who get acne on their face but there are also some who may start to have acne on their chest and back area. Talk about the main reasons why people start having acne. You can also be very specific about the reasons why people may still have acne, even when they are already adults. It is a common misconception that only teenagers can get affected by acne.

  5. Favorite Summer Products

    The products that you use on your skin may change depending on the season. You can come up with a list of items that you normally use during summer time. You want to make sure that you are still hydrated without being oily. The products that you will recommend may get the attention of your readers. Just remember to be specific about your skin type, so that readers will know, if they should consider your recommendations.

  6. Holiday Makeup Looks

    People are very particular about their makeup during the holiday season. This is the time when they want to impress other people and also impress themselves. It is safe to say, that they just want to look amazing. You can come up with up to three makeup looks with instructions on how each look can be achieved. Do not forget to list all the various products that you have used for each look.

  7. Product Comparison

    Some people may become torn towards between two or more different products, when they are searching for new items to try. You can come up with product buying guides that will list the significant differences and similarities of the various products. A lot of readers would like to be enlightened so that they can always make the best choice.

  8. Time-Saving Techniques

    The lack of time, is one of the reasons people often comment, as to why they fail to take proper care of their skin or put on the right makeup. Now is the time for you to come up with techniques that will help people achieve the look that they want in a limited amount of time. Be detailed about the tools that they may need to make the techniques workable.

  9. Product Diary

    Have you started using a product for the first time? You may want to update people with how effective the product is for you. You can come up with a diary; detailing how the product has affected you daily, weekly, or monthly. It will depend on the type of product that you want to show your blog readers. You can be as detailed as possible, because you know that this will truly help your readers.

  10. Home Beauty Remedies

    There are a lot of people right now, searching for products that are made of all-natural ingredients. This is always possible, but the items that you can prepare at home, may often be better, as compared to those that you can purchase from stores. Share some of your homemade recipes that can help improve your skin and hair. People will follow the recipes to come up with their own stash of homemade products.

  11. Tips to Swear By

    What are the beauty tips that you would like to share with the rest of the world? There are some tips that you have used in order to make yourself beautiful. It is only fitting that you would want to share the same tips for the rest of your readers. Who knows, they may also share the tips that you have shared with other people that they know. Everyone deserves to be and feel beautiful whenever possible.

  12. Must-Have Beauty Tools

    Are you one of those people who cannot put on makeup without the use of makeup brushes? Now is the time that you can start talking about the various brushes that you use in order to improve your beauty routine. This is also your chance to talk about the other things that you may use such as exfoliators, depilatories, and so much more.

  13. Unusual Lipstick Colors

    There are a lot of people who will not be able to leave their homes without putting on the right lipstick, and that is definitely something that you can share with the rest of the readers. You can also talk about which unusual lipstick colors, you would not hesitate to wear. Encourage your readers to show the lipstick colors that they will feel very confident when wearing.

  14. Favorite Cheap Makeup Brands

    It is not true that cheap makeup brands are all cheap and not useful. There are some that may be as good as more expensive and popular brands. Now is the time for you to give these makeup brands and products the spotlight that they deserve. Who knows, this may inspire other people to also check out the same makeup brands and products soon.

  15. Store Makeup Properly

    What is one of the reasons why makeup products do not last? It is often because people do not have the right place to store their makeup. Now is your chance to show how you can store your makeup. Talk about the various items that you may need in order to store your makeup properly. Also, talk about the proper temperature to store makeup. This may be very helpful for you, as well as your readers.

  16. 5-Minute Hairstyles

    They say that your hairstyle can ruin the appearance of your makeup. Now is the time for you to focus on hairstyles that will only help enhance your makeup and the rest of your outfit. The great thing is there is no need to spend too much time on getting the right hairstyle to improve people’s overall appearance. You can also add videos to make it easier for people to understand what to do.

  17. Makeup Wishlist

    There are still some great makeup items that were just released, that you have yet to receive . Now is the time to share with the rest of the world the makeup and beauty items you would like to get soon. Your readers may share the products that are part of their makeup wishlist too. Talk about the reasons why these specific products should be a part of your wishlist.

  18. Favorite Perfumes

    Remember, looking good does not mean that you have to forget about smelling good. You will have the tendency to feel more confident when you know that you smell amazing. You can talk about the perfume types that you like best. You can also encourage other people to try out certain scents that they have never tried before. Also, recommend some perfumes that people do not consider to be too popular.

  19. Favorite Beauty Bloggers

    Now is your chance for you to talk about the people who have inspired you to start your own beauty blog. There are some beauty bloggers that are just so amazing in doing their makeup. Their popularity has also skyrocketed over the past years. Explain your reasons why you like the beauty bloggers that you will mention. Who knows, people may also state the reasons why they like following your own beauty blog.

  20. Drugstore Products to Check Out

    There are a lot of drugstore products that are not noticed by people because they are too focused on high-end brands. There are also some people who think that drugstore brands are not good at all. Now is your chance to prove them wrong. There are some drugstore products that can be amazing as long as you can verify and explain their true value.

There are so many beauty topics that you can talk about. Think about the ideas that are mentioned above and it is likely that you will come across some that you will genuinely like to write about. Your true interest in the discussion topic will be evident through your passionate beauty writing. You will feel the urge to express many ideas, but remember to always keep your posts brief and highly informative.

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