AWeber – Premium Email Marketing Solutions Your Business Needs

AWeber Review – Premium Email Marketing Solutions Your Business Needs

When you’re talking about a wealth of mail marketing solutions, it’s hard to leave out AWeber. The company has provided several businesses with mail marketing solutions. And their site claims over 1,000,000 small businesses have benefited from their services.

If you’re checking out mail marketing solutions for your business, AWeber could be an option. The only way to confirm it as your top choice is by checking out what it has to offer.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s ample info on this site to furnish your decision below.

Fact Sheet – AWeber

BrandFree PlanUnique FeaturesTotal Integrations
(up to 500 contacts)
1. Unlimited contacts available (Pro) Newsletter creation and sending
2. RSS-email support;
3. Drag-drop email builder
4. HTML emails
5. Unlimited list profiles

Why AWeber is Great

AWeber claims to have a feature for creating automatic mail templates. If there’s any truth to this ad, you don’t need to worry about sending emails out every time.

Such a feature provides small and medium-sized businesses the platform to get more subscribers with minimal effort.

All AWeber requests from customers to create an email template are their website URL and public Facebook URL.

Flawed landing pages attract little to no traffic, and sometimes it’s all down to the wrong setup. AWeber claims to offer its subscriber base support for setting up functional landing pages.

Visual appeal is a significant plus when setting up landing pages. And just like email templates, it requires some experience too.

Who Should Buy AWeber

Buyers searching for an affordable mail marketing solutions brand will fancy AWeber.


  • Free migration across plans
  • 24/7 Live Support – chat/phone/email
  • Email automation, newsletter creation, drop-drag mail building, templates, and more available to free users
  • Supports up to 3,000 emails sends each month for free members (unlimited on AWeber Pro)
  • RSS to email support
  • Ecommerce services available through AWeber Ecommerce
  • Has unlimited landing page count for both free and Pro members
  • Features Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking for free and Pro members
  • Custom domains support all plans
  • Free sign-up forms and WordPress plugin for all members


  • Free plan available
  • Affordable scale-up business plans
  • High-quality customer support
  • Ecommerce services available
  • Unlimited landing pages


  • Limited free plan features
  • No big discounts available

Automatic mail creation with AWeber

One thing small businesses grapple with is how to create a catchy email potential customers can identify with.

Creating email templates is the basis for making your marketing effort blossom. But not everyone has the technical wherewithal to craft spell-binding, converting mail templates.

Most business owners cringe at the thought of sitting down in front of a computer to draft mail templates. 

And that’s for business owners with design experience. What happens to business owners with nada design prowess?

From how it looks on their site, the Smart Designer feature could be something customers benefit from. According to AWeber, this feature runs on AI, giving it an automation boost. So, if you’re keen to get several machine-generated emails for your clients, this could be it.

Landing page setup AWeber

If you’re an expert in digital marketing, you’ll know setting up a landing page could mean your business’ growth.

AWeber claims on its site to have full support for creating landing pages for business. And here’s where things get a bit interesting – they say you don’t need a website to have one.

If such claims are valid, it could mean you get professionally-drafted landing pages without breaking a sweat.

User Drag – Drop Mail Creation

And here’s the part where most marketers get lazy with – creating custom emails for their business.

AWeber claims to provide its users’ customized emails in a matter of minutes. And from the look of templates on AWeber site, these emails look like they were drafted with code. But also, AWeber claims customers don’t need to know anything about coding to organize their mails.

Nice, right?

That’s if it’s true anyway.

Free library of templates

Chances are you don’t want to go through the hassle of requesting a custom template. The next best thing is to check out pre-built templates from a library.

AWeber claims to have a vast library of templates built to select and quickly ship out their strategy. You can check it out AWeber.

Having such a ready-made library makes life easy for anyone targeting a quick mailing strategy setup.


Being visible is an essential aspect of email marketing you can’t overlook. Getting relevant content to your subscriber base’s eyes is a vital part of keeping them on your list.

That’s why broadcasting is so big when it comes to email marketing. AWeber claims to have support for creating broadcasts for their customers. With this feature, putting your latest content out there for subscribers to see becomes less hassling.

Final Verdict

Check out more info below to get more insight into what AWeber has to offer:


  • Free sign-up forms promote more comfortable mailing list building for all members
  • Provides thousands of mails at no charge to members on a free plan


  • Regardless of your financial commitment to a larger plan, you only get $34 off
  • It doesn’t support a massive range of services some digital marketing businesses may need

With all the info right here, it becomes much easier to make AWeber your preferred mail marketing solutions provider. Leverage what this review provides, and make an objective selection without hassle!

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