8 Blog Post Ideas for Cats with Title, Keyword, Concept and More

how to train a cat not to do something

A website aimed at cat owners and cat lovers has a vast target audience.  Millions of people adore their cats and want the best for them.  However, there is always more to learn and more to share.  On your blog you can educate existing owners on improvements in their cat care, while you can inform new cat owners on how to get started.

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There are so many subjects you can cover from cat feeding, to litter trays and training methods.  New products are coming on the market all the time and you have a wealth of subject matter to choose from.  You can see what subjects ignite the best response from your readers and focus more on those.  Here are a few to get you started.


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8 Cat training clicker


best cat treats for trainingWhilst it’s harder to train a cat than a dog, as they don’t respond to punishment, a cat training clicker can be useful.  Promote this idea on your blog as a useful tool to readers for cat training and behavioural correction.  You can explore the idea and provide examples of how other trainers have used the clicker to give a two-sided argument to educate your readers.

Title Suggestion: Pros and cons of using a Cat Training Clicker

Keywords: cat clicker training kit, clicker training cat to stop bad behaviour, cat clicker training tricks, clicker train cat to stay off counter, cat training clicker

Content Suggestion

Research different cat training clickers on the market.  Provide a review of each one and then rate it according to performance.  Invite readers to give feedback on their experience with various cat training clickers, and perhaps get in touch with the manufacturers to offer your customers the chance to purchase the cat training clicker online.  Provide some feedback to your readers on how the behaviors of the cats that were tested improved or deteriorated.


It’s useful and informative to your readers.  If you have new cat owners reading your blog, they may not have heard of cat training clickers and you may be helping them with valuable information.  If a reader has struggled with one cat training clicker without success, you may be able to give them an insight into what different cat training clickers can offer.  Make your content interesting as well as informative and illustrate with photographs relevant to each topic.

7 Cat training classes


cat training classesOffer suggestions to your blog readers on the benefits of cat training classes.  Offer your readers some suggestions of benefits to cat training classes.  There are many different aspects of cat training that behavioral experts can deal with.  Inform your readers about these and give some examples of before and after behaviors.  If you write this with interest and humor and add some personal experiences, you will give your readers a great insight into cat training classes that they might want to share with others, thus improving hits on your site.

Title Suggestion: Should I consider cat training classes?

Keywords: cat obedience training classes, cat trainer near {City Name}, cat obedience training near {City Name}, kitten obedience classes, cat school near {City name}, cat school cat training, cat clicker training, cat training classes

Content Suggestion

Research different cat training classes and critique them.  You can ask friends and family who have used them to give you’re their opinions and quote them.  Give different examples of cat behavior that your readers will identify with.  For instance, if a cat has issues with using its litter tray, displays antagonism to humans or scratches inappropriately, these issues can be addressed by cat training classes.  Give examples of behavior before and after cat training classes and pictures to illustrate this.  It may take time to build up a successful blog on this issue, so you could split it into a before and after blog focusing on a particular cat or method used by cat training classes.


Again, you are offering informative useful suggestions to your readers.  If a reader finds a blog particularly useful, they are more likely to comment on your site and offer feedback.  They will also be more likely to suggest your site to their friends with positive recommendations.  You can also gain useful contacts with owners of cat training classes, who may be able to offer reciprocal links to their sites or even work with you to share clients.

6 Kitten training tips for beginners


cat training clickerGive your readers some useful and hopeful tips on training their kitten.  Even if they are experienced cat owners, they will find the information useful.  Customers who have recently purchased kittens are likely to be trawling the internet to find tips on how to handle their new pet.  Your blog will be extremely welcome to them and you will engender positive customer reaction and feedback if this is the case.

Title Suggestion: {Number} Useful Kitten Training Tips for Beginners

Keywords: Kitten training tips for beginners, kitten care 101, kittens, how to raise a kitten to be cuddly, how to take care of a kitten, kittens for sale1, kitten tips, kitten training classes, kitten training classes near {City name}

Content Suggestion

You may already have some brilliant ideas about kitten training tips for beginners.  You may have trained many kittens yourself or know many people who have done this successfully.  Share your experience with what works and what doesn’t.  Readers will want to know details of how to encourage their kittens to use the litter tray, how to get it used to human touch and contact and how to be sociable in front of other humans and animals.  Use these examples and give feedback on different techniques and an indication of how long each technique might take.


This could be a vital link to your site as there will be many new cat owners who are searching for kitten training tips for beginners.  This will provide a route to your site and give readers the chance to explore other areas.  Regular readers will enjoy the informative content and pick up useful tips.

5 Cat training tricks


cat training tricksEvery cat owner wants to know how to train their cat.  If they have a cat that is displaying some negative behavior, they will be keen to pick up cat training tricks that will work.  They may not want to pay for a professional cat trainer until they have tried themselves, so this blog could be a really useful resource for your readers.  It will also be a popular hit on search engines as cat owners want this kind of information on a regular basis.

Title Suggestion: {Number} Cat Training Tricks that Really Work

Keywords: Cat Training Tricks, cool cat tricks, list of cat tricks, how to teach your cat to high five, how to train a cat to sit, how to train a cat not to do something, how to teach your cat to fetch, cat clicker training, cat training videos

Content Suggestion

Research up to date successful cat training tricks.  Describe how cat owners can effectively train their cats and how they have achieved it.  Give personal experience and that of other cat owners you know.  You might suggest that owners have a plentiful supply of cat treats to reward good behavior.  You could advocate the use of a clicker and suggest that sessions are kept short to comply with the attention span of an individual cat.  There are many ideas that professional trainers use that you can implement at home, and cat owners want to know these cat training tips.


You are providing information that will be really useful to cat owners.  Your blog will remain on your site so that web users can reach your site even after the blog has been published for a long time to come.  This will inform your customers, give them a positive impression of your site and its quality, and encourage them to revisit.

4 How to train a cat not to do something.


how to train a cat not to do somethingThis will be a really helpful topic for your readers.  There is bound to be something that your cat is doing that you would prefer they were not doing, and this will also be something that viewers will search for on the internet.  It’s a topic that can engage your readers as they may be able to contribute their own ideas and suggestions.

Title Suggestion: Learn How to Train a Cat Not To Do Something

Keywords: How to train a cat not to do something, how to train a cat not to bite, how to train a kitten, how do you punish a cat, how to train your cat to do tricks, how to train cats not to scratch furniture, how to train a cat to sit, how to train a cat to come, how to train a cat not to scratch you

Content Suggestion

You can start off by listing some common annoying habits that cats have and offer suggestions to your readers how to avoid them.  You can offer the implementation of solutions that worked for you and others and suggest how long the solutions last and what to do that can prolong the good behavior.  And, You can offer tips on how to prevent cats from urinating in the wrong place or scratching people or going to places that they are not allowed.  You could engage your readers further by offering them the chance to give their best tips and put them into a list.


It’s a helpful tip for readers that can offer solutions to a current problem or help with a future issue.  Every cat owner can relate to this problem and you will get a good deal of feedback with readers offering their own advice for strategies that worked for them, and keep the dialogue going.

3 Best cat treats for training


how to train a cat to sitCats respond well to praise and will learn better behavioral patterns if they are rewarded for good behavior.  Owners who are training their cats need to understand what treats work well and, even though each cat will have its individual taste, there will be some treats that have worked particularly well.  Offer readers the chance to suggest their tips for the best cat treats for training, and get a conversation going.

Title Suggestion: We reveal the Best Cat Treats for Training your pet

Keywords: Best Cat Treats for Training, kitten treats for training, best treats for kittens, cat training, cat training clicker, cat treats good for cats, low fat cat treats, when to give cat treats, kitten training

Content Suggestion

Cat treats are a brilliant way to reward your cat for good behavior.  Some cat owners may use small pieces of meat, fish or cat food.  Others might prefer commercially available cat treats.  You can offer tips on how to manage your cat’s weight if that is an issue when offering tips for the best cat treats for training.  Suggest the best ways to offer the treats, like having the treat readily available and giving the treat immediately after the good behavior has been achieved.  There are plenty of tips you can offer your readers and as ever, invite their feedback on what has worked for them.  Illustrate with plenty of pictures.


It’s a really good area of research for a cat owner.  If they learn new ideas from your site that work, they will regard your site as a forum that will provide them with useful tips on a regular basis.  This will encourage repeat hits on your site and encourage a positive image of your company.

2 How to train a cat to sit


how to train a kitten not to scratchOwners want to train their cats to behave well.  They may have no idea how to start. They may have tried something that just hasn’t worked and needs tips for other strategies.  New readers may be brought on board after they have used the keywords to search.  They will need to learn this vital technique for cat training and if you offer an accessible informative blog it will increase your readership.   You are ultimately aiming to gain more traffic on your site and more business, so to introduce a topic that is popular is going to be a winner.

Title Suggestion: {Number} tips: Learn how to train a cat to sit

Keywords: How to train a cat to sit, how to train a cat to sit and stay, how to train a cat to sit on your lap, how to train a cat to come, how to teach a cat to high five, how to train your cat to shake hands, how to train your cat to talk, how to train a cat to fetch, how to teach a cat tricks

Content Suggestion

Talk your readers through a training regime that works.  Offer different strategies in case one doesn’t work.  Talk them through how to reward the cat to encourage repeat behavior.  Suggest a timeline to give them an idea of how long it will take.  You can offer some tips on cat psychology that helps readers to understand what is going through their cat’s mind and how to second guess them to train them effectively.  Give examples from real life situations if you have them.  Use plenty of pictures to illustrate.


It’s a great topic to engage your readers.  It’s useful for those that don’t know how to do it and will engage those that have already done it.  You can put together a list of tips that worked best for those readers that were successful and have a top ten best strategies.  You are helping owners and giving them a chance to feel that their views are valued.  It’s a topic that will be searched for, so you will drive more traffic to your site.

1 How to train a kitten, not to scratch


kitten training tips for beginnersScratching can be one of the most irritating habits that cats have.  When a kitten is first brought home, it may not understand that it is not allowed to scratch.  Therefore, the onus is on the owner to teach the kitten, not to scratch.  This is a really useful tool for cat owners, as they can read the blog in advance of getting the kitten or implement your suggestions if they have a new kitten.  It will engage readers who have experience and increase traffic on your site

Title Suggestions: Tried and Tested {Number} ways how to train a kitten, not to scratch

Keywords: How to train a kitten not to scratch, how to train a cat not to scratch you, no scratch cat spray, how to teach cat not to scratch me, how to train your cat to stop scratching furniture, how to train cats not to scratch you, how to get a kitten to stop attacking you, how to stop a kitten from biting and scratching me, kitten biting phase

Content Suggestion

You will no doubt have plenty of ideas of your own as a cat expert.  List the suggestions that have worked and maybe include some that haven’t.  you could also research some other popular methods that others have used and listed the pros and cons of them.  Include pictures to illustrate your points.  You could mention that cats dislike the feel of some sticky tapes and the smell of certain sprays and discuss how useful these have been.  You could get feedback from a vet and quote them on the blog.  There are owners who spray their kitten with a water spray if they scratch to enforce the idea that there are consequences to their actions.  Spark a debate, encourage your readers to post their own views.


It’s a technique that every cat owner will need to know and may search for.  It’s providing useful, informative content to your blog and allows you to relate personal experiences and frustrations which will entertain your feline fans.



There are a few examples of a cat blog listed above.  You may have many more.  This list gives you an idea of how to get started and prompts you into thinking about the concept and reason for each topic.  It’s important to keep in your mind that you need to focus on keywords and put them in your title so that the search engines will pick them up more easily.  Write what you know about and give yourself an opportunity to learn as well.  You are on a journey with your readers and they will enjoy the process if your blogs are consistent and regular.

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