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7 Easy Ways To Create A Memorable Slogan, Tagline, Or Course Name

Have you ever seen a slogan, tagline, or course name that you just really connected with?

That feeling of “Yes! This is the one!” And then when you think about it later on in life, you can’t remember what it was for. For many people this happens often. It’s not because the slogans are bad-in fact they’re usually quite good-it’s because most slogans are forgettable and don’t stand out from anything else.

In this blog post I will be discussing 7 easy ways to create a memorable slogan, tagline, or course name so your customers will never forget what you offer them!

7. Be Creative with Capitalization

Capitalizing the first letter of each word in your slogan isn’t appropriate for all situations, but when you can pull it off it looks great. Your customers will remember the name even if they read it out loud wrong or forget what it is! Take a look at some common use slogans that capitalize the first letter of every word:

  • Chick-fil-A (Restaurant)
  • Show Your Stripes (Clothing Store)
  • Just Do It (Adidas Slogan)

6. Add a Visual Element to Your Slogan or Tagline

Adding pictures to your slogan can make it more memorable because people like pictures! You may not know it, but there’s a lot of psychology behind why we love pictures so much. When you add a picture to your tagline or slogan it makes people think more about what they’re looking at and puts the information into their subconscious mind.

5. Say Your Slogan/Tagline Different Ways

When you say a slogan, tagline, or course name multiple times people will naturally remember it better. This is because saying something over and over again helps your customers memorize the words without even realizing it.

4. Make it Uniquely You

Your customers want to feel like they’re buying from a trusted company, so you need to build personal relationships with your customers and make them feel like they’re buying from their friend. A great way to do this is by making your slogan, tagline, or course name unique to just you. For example:

  • You can add in their well-known abbreviation at the end of the name. 
  • Make sure the slogan fits with your company’s voice and personality! 

3. Be Memorable

A great way to make your customers remember what you offer is by coming up with a memorable slogan, tagline, or course name! Sometimes this will be easy for some companies because they already have another well-known phrase that fits with what they offer.

  • “Catch the Wave” (Toyota) – “Put a tiger in your tank” (Chevrolet)

2. Make It Actionable

A successful slogan, tagline, or course name is one that can make people feel motivated to do something when they hear it. When you say this kind of catchphrase your customers want to be able to say it out loud and feel like they can ACT on the words.

  • “Just Do It” (Adidas) – “If You Got It, Flaunt It” (Burger King)

1. Make it Uniquely Yours

Everyone wants something special and unique, so make sure your customers feel like they’re buying a product from a true individual! There are many ways to make a slogan, tagline, or course name unique to you and your company. You can:

  • Name it after yourself or someone from your company. 
  • Have the first letter of each word in Capital Letters. 
  • Use the first letter of each word in its place. 

For example, if your name was Joe you could use “JOIN THE JOE SHOW!”

Where do I find a good tagline?

You won’t be able to find an amazing tagline right away because it’s something that’s developed over time. When you have customers you’ll be able to get great feedback on what they like about your company and what you could improve on! 

How long should my slogan, tagline, or course name be?

There’s no right or wrong answer here- it all depends on what you personally want! If you have a lot of experience with copywriting a longer slogan may be better, but if you’re just getting started a shorter one will work great!

What’s the difference between a tagline and a slogan?

A slogan is typically something that says exactly what you do, or it can be shortened to a memorable phrase. A tagline is usually a slogan that has been made into a sentence for your website or business cards.

Why would I need a slogan?

A slogan is an easy way to let your customers know what you offer and what sets you apart from your competitors. 

For The Most Part

These are just some ideas about how to make a slogan or tagline memorable, but now it’s your turn! Have you made any slogans before? How did you make them memorable? Let me know in the comments!

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