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5 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting In 10 Minutes

Since you’re here already, I assume you want to improve your copywriting game. Well of course you do! Everyone does! But am I right in thinking that it’s probably not for the same reasons?

Let me guess: You’ve read some mediocre copy and thought “I can do better than this.” Or maybe you bought a book on copywriting that seems to have gone over your head. Or perhaps you found yourself being persuaded by a competitor’s website, thought to yourself “Wow, if I could do that…”

Maybe you’ve got a business idea and think it deserves some copy… or maybe you just need sprucing up for the sake of sprucing up!

 The point is: Everyone wants to improve — and we all want it yesterday.

Well I’m here to tell you that small incremental improvements can make a big difference and actually help you get better results. Why? Because the first step is always the hardest! Here are five ways to kick-start your copywriting today:

1. Get out of the office

The best place to start is by getting out of the office. Go somewhere you won’t be interrupted, on a day when you can write without distractions.

Now … find a quiet corner of your house or go somewhere outside! Take yourself off on a date to your favourite café or coffee shop. It’s amazing what even 15 minutes away from your computer can do.

2. Use a timer

Timed writing exercises are the simplest way to get out of your comfort zone and into action. I’ve utilised them for years in my copywriting business, initially to push me through procrastination but now as part of my normal process.

The trick is to set yourself a timer for ten minutes and then work without stopping until it beeps. Then take a break before starting again.

3. Reflect on your customers

The reason you’re writing copy is to sell something, so why do so many people forget about the customer? Here are two quick exercises you can do now, both involving only yourself.

  • What are your customers’ biggest problems, pain points or desires?
  • Are you solving for their needs or wants, or both?

Doing this will help you write better copy. If it doesn’t, at least try the next tip while you’re here!

4. Read some copywriting every day

A few things to note: I’m talking about copywriting, not “advertising” or other marketing collateral. Here are three good places to start…

5. Write something every day

If you’re anything like me then you’ll find the thought of writing a blog post daunting! But once you get started, you’ll be surprised how quickly ideas come to mind and how easily you’re able to put them to paper.

Is there any way to improve your copywriting without putting in the work?

No, but you can make different types of exercises. Start with this article and create more content, every day!

How can I write a blog post about copywriting if it makes me feel uncomfortable?

The best thing that you can do is read some copywriting every day. In this article it has 5 ways to improve your copy!

When I try to improve my copywriting, I keep procrastinating. What can I do?

Try a timed writing exercise for 10 minutes and then work without stopping until it beeps. Then take a break before starting again.

What is one small tip that makes a big difference with copywriting?

When you’re writing, try to use a timer and keep on working without stopping until it beeps. Then take a break before starting again.

Taking All Of This Into Account

What are your thoughts on this post? Have you tried any of these tips to improve your copywriting skills in 10 minutes or less? Let us know what you think below.

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