5 Must-Haves For Gladiator Movie Fans 

5 Must-Haves For Gladiator Movie Fans 

If you’re a fan of the original “Gladiator” movie, then you’ve probably heard the news that Paul Mescal will be starring in the sequel.1 As fans eagerly await the new movie, they can start building up their own gladiator-inspired collection with these five must-haves! 

1. Roman Sandals

What is a gladiator without sandals? Get yourself a pair of classic Roman sandals and feel like a real gladiator. Be sure to get them in leather for maximum durability and comfort. They’re perfect for any summer event or just lounging around your house. 

2. Gladiator Helmets

Every gladiator needs an authentic helmet to complete their look. Look for helmets made from heavy duty materials such as steel or bronze, as well as those that feature intricate patterns and designs. You can even find helmets with movable parts, making them even more realistic.

3. Replica Swords

Whether you’re looking for a small dagger or a massive broadsword, there are plenty of replica swords out there to choose from. Be sure to pick one up that has been crafted from durable materials with an authentic design for maximum authenticity. 

4. Gladiator Shield

The iconic symbol of every gladiator is their shield, and it should be no different for you! Have fun browsing through various shields made from wood, metal, leather, and more until you find the perfect one for your collection. Just remember not to use it in battle!

5. Leather Armour

Armours are essential when it comes to being a true gladiator! Look for armours made from high-quality leather with intricate details on them to make them really stand out in your collection. Not only do they look great but they also provide extra protection if needed! 

Who directed the movie Gladiator?

The movie Gladiator was directed by Ridley Scott.2

What was the title of the book which inspired Gladiator?

The book which inspired Gladiator was titled Those About to Die, originally written by Daniel P. Mannix and formerly titled The Way of the Gladiator.4

What award did Russell Crowe win for his performance in Gladiator?

Russell Crowe won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Gladiator.3

In Light Of These Facts

These five must-haves are all you need to create your very own gladiator collection ahead of the new movie release! With these pieces, you can not only show off your love of “Gladiator” but also look like one too! So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now and become an honorary member of Maximus Decimus Meridius’ army!


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