4 Thrilling Electronics Gifts That Will Surprise Your Spurs Fan Boyfriend

4 Thrilling Electronics Gifts That Will Surprise Your Spurs Fan Boyfriend

Do you have a Spurs fan for a boyfriend? If so, you know that their love for the team runs deep. Show your significant other just how much you care, with the perfect gift! We’ve rounded up four great electronics gifts under $30 that will thrill even the most die-hard NBA fan.

1. San Antonio Spurs Bluetooth Earbuds

Let your special someone show off their Spurs pride with these stylish earbuds! These earbuds come with a built-in microphone and an adjustable fit, meaning they can rock out to their favorite tunes without worry about them falling out. Plus, they look pretty cool too! 

2. San Antonio Spurs USB Flash Drive

Whether your guy needs to store important documents or has more music than he knows what to do with, this USB flash drive is perfect for him. It’s lightweight and comes in a sleek black design with the classic Spurs logo on it. Plus, it’s affordable at only $18! 

3. San Antonio Spurs Mini Drone

Is your guy looking for something fun and entertaining? Then this mini drone is exactly what he needs! This small, yet powerful drone comes equipped with four propellers and an HD camera, allowing him to get creative with his aerial photography skills. He’ll be able to capture amazing shots of the city skyline and beyond, all while wearing his beloved team colors! 

4. San Antonio Spurs Bluetooth Speaker

What better way to get pumped up before game day than by streaming some of your favorite tunes through this portable speaker? It comes in black and has the classic San Antonio Spurs logo proudly displayed on its front face. And at only $27, it won’t break the bank either!

Without Further Ado

So there you have it, four great electronic gifts under $30 that are sure to surprise any die-hard NBA fanboy (or girl!). Whether your significant other loves music or tech gadgets, one of these items is sure to make them smile from ear-to-ear this holiday season. Go ahead and surprise them today, they’ll thank you later!  Go Spurs Go!

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