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27 Skills Required for Virtual Assistant Work

Are you interested in virtual assistant work? If so, you will need to have a wide range of skills. In this blog post, we discuss 27 virtual assistant skills that are required for success. You will learn about everything from social media management and online research to email correspondence and customer service. With this list, you can decide which skills set is best for your personality!

1. Social media management

If you know how to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram effectively, this is a great skill set! These platforms can be used for business promotion and customer outreach. Therefore, it’s important to understand the best practices of each platform before starting.

2. Researching companies on the Internet

This is another good skill set to have, especially if you are interested in working for a specific company or industry. You can research their competitors and get familiar with their mission statements/core values by examining different news articles about them online.

3. Photography skills

Sometimes virtual assistants need to photograph documents, products, etc. to send along with emails or other correspondence. If you have a DSLR camera, this is an excellent skill set to have!

4. Interpersonal communication skills

This refers to the ability of communicating effectively in person and over the phone. It’s important that virtual assistants are able to communicate clearly with customers about their needs and expectations without any misunderstandings.

5. Email correspondence skills

This is another important skill set to have, especially when it comes to interacting with customers and clients in a professional manner. It’s important that virtual assistants are able to respond within 24 hours or less!

6. Working well under pressure

Even though most work for virtual assistants tends to be stress-free, sometimes there are deadlines that need to be met. Virtual assistants must be able to work well under pressure without taking their stress out on others or becoming overwhelmed.

7. Attention to detail

This is an important skill set for virtual assistant jobs because often times, several people might have a hand in the final product of a project! Therefore, it’s important that virtual assistants pay attention to the smallest of details and communicate any changes with relevant individuals.

8. Time management skills

This is an extremely valuable skill set for virtual assistant work because many tasks need to be done within a certain time frame. Virtual assistants must know how to manage their time well in order complete projects on schedule!

9. Basic computer skills

Virtual assistants need to know how to use Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It’s also essential that virtual assistants understand basic Internet functions such as sending emails, using Google Docs/Sheets and surfing the web for information related to their work!

10. Basic copy editing skills

Copy editors are responsible for revising texts before they go to print. If you have basic copy editing skills, it’s a great skill set to add to your resume!

11. Basic design and layout skills

Designers create ads, brochures and other documents in the proper format with colors and fonts that match their clients’ business goals. This is another important virtual assistant skill set because sometimes assistants need to create promotional materials for their companies.

12. Basic writing and proofreading skills

Virtual assistants need to be able to write clearly, concisely and accurately in order to get messages across properly! It’s also essential that they are good at spotting mistakes before sending emails or other correspondence out the door.

13. Advanced excel functions

This is a great skill set to have because it allows you to create spreadsheets for Excel that are more complex than just adding columns of numbers!

14. Advanced PowerPoint skills

This refers to being able to effectively use the advanced features in PowerPoint. For example, virtual assistants who are familiar with animation effects will be better at advertising their company’s brand online by creating an engaging video!

15. Basic web design skills

This is a great skill set to have as more virtual assistants start their own businesses. It’s important that those who offer website design services for small business owners understand the basics of what makes an effective, professional-looking site.

16. Virtual phone skills

Virtual assistants need to be able to effectively communicate with clients through the phone, even if they cannot see them face-to-face. It’s important that virtual assistants have strong communication skills when it comes to phone conversations.

17. Basic video editing skills

As technology continues to advance, virtual assistants are able to take advantage of new media platforms by using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects! This is an important skill set for those interested in helping small business owners create promotional videos online.

18. Creative problem solving skills

Virtual assistant work often requires thinking outside the box to find solutions that might not be apparent or easily solved. Creativity is an important skill set for virtual assistants!

19. Basic graphic design skills

This refers to using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in order to create eye-catching images with professional designs. A strong sense of artistry will help virtual assistants produce professional promotional materials for their companies.

20. English language skills

This refers to how well you write and speak in English! It’s important that virtual assistants are able to communicate clearly with clients who may only speak one specific language (or don’t speak any at all).

21. Organizational skills

Virtual assistants need strong organizational skills because they often juggle multiple projects for different companies at once. They need to be able to keep track of deadlines and work effectively under pressure!

22. Planning skills

This refers to being organized so that you can get the most out of your time working on a project or completing tasks given by clients. Virtual assistants often have short windows of time in which they must complete specific assignments and use their planning skills in order to meet deadlines.

23. Research skills

Virtual assistants need to be good at conducting research when they work on projects or tasks that require them to find information about clients, products or places. It’s an important skill set for virtual assistants working with companies who do not have a lot of brand awareness online!

24. Basic networking skills

Virtual assistants need to be able to work well with others and collaborate effectively. While they may not always be working directly for a company, virtual assistants usually have many different clients that they communicate with on a regular basis!

25. Microsoft Office Suite

It’s important for those who offer office support services as their primary role to be familiar with using Microsoft Office 365 programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

26. Basic accounting skills

Virtual assistants need to understand basic arithmetic concepts in order to help their clients keep track of expenses or pay employees! They also often have access to sensitive financial information that they need to protect carefully.

27. Customer service skills

It’s important for virtual assistants who work directly with clients on a regular basis (as opposed to those who rarely communicate with them) have strong customer service skills. Virtual assistants need to be able to handle client complaints and overcome obstacles in a positive way!

What are the duties of a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can do many things. They can set up appointments, call people on the phone, help you plan your trip, and write emails for you. Some even work with graphic design or blog writing or other jobs.

What are VA skills?

Excellent communication skills. Interpersonal and networking skills. Good at organization and project management. Understands how business works in different industries so they can offer comprehensive service without needing to spend time learning about their client’s industry.

What are the requirements to be a virtual assistant?

Many employers like to hire people with a high school diploma. Some employers will want you to have a bachelor’s degree, but other employers will still hire you even if you only have your high school diploma.

Without further ado

We hope you’ve found this list of 27 skills required for working as a virtual assistant to be helpful. If you want more information on any of these topics, just leave us a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP!

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