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26 Skills and Abilities of the Modern Day Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in high demand these days. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all competing for attention, companies need social media managers to help guide their social media strategy. A social media manager needs a wide range of skills and abilities to be successful in this role – from marketing savvy to social networking know-how. In the following blog post we’ll cover 26 skills and abilities that you should have if you want to make an impact as a modern day social media manager!

1. Communication skills

Social media managers are in touch with their company’s brand at all times. They must be able to communicate effectively about the company, its products and services, sharing news when it is appropriate. Because social media managers tend to work alone or within a small group of colleagues, they need good communication skills so that everyone can stay on the same page and share important information.

2. Understanding of marketing

The modern day social media manager must have an understanding of how to market a business, product or service on various platforms. Marketing principles such as branding, promotion, messaging are key concepts that these managers should know inside out. Social media management is all about reaching your target audience with the right message, at the right time.

3. Ability to work under pressure

Social media managers are expected to respond quickly and efficiently when their company is in need of social media support or guidance with a crisis or an urgent issue. When there’s breaking news about your brand, you can bet that it will be seen on social channels first. Therefore, social media managers need to be able to think on their feet and take quick, appropriate action.

4. Creativity

Social media is about telling a story or sharing news with your audience in an interesting way that makes it stand out from the crowd. To do this successfully, social media managers need creativity – whether it’s creating a catchy blog post title or coming up with a unique way to announce new product features.

5. Problem solving skills

Social media managers should be able to solve problems as they arise, whether it’s an issue with the company website or a complaint from a customer about a faulty product. When issues do come up, social media managers need problem solving skills in order to fix the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

6. Social network know-how

In order to be an effective social media manager, you need a solid understanding of each of the platforms available for your company’s use – both paid and unpaid (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). You should also have a clear idea about what works on various networks and what doesn’t.

7. Marketing and branding know-how

Social media managers need to understand all aspects of marketing, from how to brand a company or product through to promoting the business on social channels in an effective way that will boost awareness and sales.

8. Writing skills

You’ll be writing up most things you post on your company’s social media accounts, whether that’s a tweet or Facebook post. Thus you need to be able to write in an engaging way that catches people’s attention and keeps them coming back for more.

9. Deal with complaints

Social channels are free flowing so when your company is the topic of discussion on social media, it can easily turn into criticism or even a full blown crisis. That’s why social media managers need to be able to deal with complaints, both offline and online – whether that means responding to an irate customer or deleting questionable comments on your company Facebook page.

10. Cultivate relationships

Social media is all about building good relationships with your customers, prospects and influencers in your industry. In order to cultivate these relationships, you need the ability to reach out and engage with people on social channels – whether that’s liking a post by one of your customers or retweeting relevant news from an influencer in your field.

11. Research

Another key skill required for successful social media management is researching what works (and what doesn’t work) on the various social channels. You need to know what types of content attract more likes and shares as well as which hashtags will help you reach your target audience with ease.

12. Find fresh, relevant news

Social media managers should be able to keep up to date with all things related to their industry – from the latest social media news to any industry-related events that might be coming up.

13. Monitor conversations

A powerful way of staying on top of things in your field is by monitoring what people are saying online about you, your company and the market as a whole. That’s why it’s important for social media managers to possess strong listening skills, the ability to monitor conversations on social media and have good analytical capabilities.

14. Create engaging content

No matter how many followers you have or which industry influencers are sharing your posts, if your customers aren’t interested in what you’re saying then they will unfollow or unlike your account pretty quickly. That’s why social managers need a number of abilities, from coming up with a social media content strategy to knowing which types of images will work best on the various platforms.

15. Create or curate visual content

One way to engage your customers and increase awareness about your brand is by creating visually engaging posts that people want to share across their networks – be it an image, infographic or video. That’s why social managers need some design skills as well as the ability to create infographics, edit photos and shoot videos that are more likely to go viral.

16. Track results

Social media is first and foremost about getting results – whether you’re promoting your latest product launch on Twitter or increasing customer loyalty with a Facebook campaign. That’s why it’s important to track the results of your social media efforts so that you can adjust things accordingly and improve performance in the future.

17. Turn around content quickly

The world of social media moves pretty fast, which means that there are times when you’ll need to create engaging posts on very short notice – whether that means creating a video from scratch or coming up with the text for an infographic. That’s why social managers should have some speed as well as strong writing skills to be successful in this role.

18. Track competitors

No one can deny that it isn’t nice feeling needed – and there are few things that your customers, prospects and other stakeholders like more than knowing that the social media manager is there to provide them with valuable information in real time. That’s why it’s important for social managers to keep track of their competitors and who they’re talking about online, so that they can emulate what works (and avoid anything negative).

19. Create strong relationships with stakeholders

One of the most important skills that social media managers need is the ability to build and maintain good relationships with their various stakeholders – whether it’s your customers, prospects or even influencers.

20. Manage different types of people online

The reality is that every company has an audience full of a wide range of people – from millennials to baby boomers, tech-savvy users to the less digitally engaged. That’s why social managers need strong communication skills as well as an ability to understand what makes each type of person tick online.

21. Determine ROI

It doesn’t matter how good you are at building relationships with your stakeholders or coming up with engaging content if you don’t know how to determine whether your social media strategy is working. That’s why it will be important for social managers to have strong analytical capabilities as well as the ability to track and measure results.

22. Manage multiple accounts

Managing one Instagram account or Pinterest page can certainly be challenging, but doing so for multiple accounts is an entirely different ballgame. That’s why social managers should have strong multi-tasking capabilities as well as the ability to juggle various projects at once.

23. Work across departments

As much fun as running a Twitter chat might be, it’s not something that you can do all by yourself – which means that social managers should have strong communication as well as interdepartmental management skills.

24. Use data for decision making

As much sense as it might make to create a Facebook contest or launch an Instagram campaign, you can’t do so without the help of data – whether that means taking stock of your company’s strengths and weaknesses or tracking the ROI of your various initiatives. That’s why social managers should have the ability to use data for decision making purposes, along with strong analytical skills and a knack for interpreting numbers correctly.

25. Engage influencers

If you want people to care about what you’re saying on social media then it will be important that they trust you – and there’s no better way to do that than by engaging influencers who have a strong following online. That’s why social managers should know how to identify and engage with these key people, as well as the ability to negotiate deals when necessary.

26. Create brand awareness

 It doesn’t matter if your company is new or old – what’s important is that you create brand awareness and a positive perception of your company online. That’s why social managers should have the ability to come up with creative content as well as strong design skills – which will definitely be necessary when it comes time for them to develop graphics or visuals.

What do social media managers do?

A Social Media Manager is someone who looks at how people are interacting with the company’s posts. They make decisions about what posts to make and post them.

What are social media skills?

Social media skills are the traits that people need to be successful on social media. People who have these skills are able to make marketing material for their business and show it on social media. They know how social media works and like making written or visual content.

How much do you pay a social media manager?

Many new social media managers start charging at $25-$35 an hour. That is about 10-20 hours a month per client, which means each client is worth $250-$700 per month. But when you are self-employed, it is very hard to make a living off of that much money for each client.

After all is said and done

We hope you’ve found this list of the 26 skills and abilities that make for a great social media manager to be helpful. If there are any other skills or abilities that we missed, please comment below! Our goal is to give you all the information so you can find the best person for your business needs.

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