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15 Tips for Video Editing: The Basics You Get Wrong

Video editing is an art and a science. And like any creative profession, it can be very intimidating to get started. But just because video editing seems difficult doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t improve your skills! In this blog post we’re going to share 15 tips for beginners who want to improve their skills with the basics they always seem to get wrong.

1) Don’t go too fast

When you edit a video , it’s a good idea to give a person time to absorb information or catch up to an action. Jumps in time can be pleasant, but if the jumps are too long, people might miss out on something. Also, don’t jump back and forth between two locations too quickly, or people might lose track of where they are in the video.

2) Don’t go too slowly

While you don’t want to be too fast, you also shouldn’t drag out your videos so long that people get bored and turn away before you finish even if this is an interesting topic for them.

3) Keep it short enough to hold people’s attention

Unless you’re making a tutorial that will take at least an hour to go through, you don’t want to make your video too long. If it gets too long, people will lose interest and stop watching – especially if the topic is something they might not be very interested in.

4) Maintain one mood throughout

Don’t jump around from one mood to another without a good reason for it, or you might end up confusing the viewer. For example, don’t make your video happy and funny in some parts and boring and sad in others. Try to stay with one mood throughout unless there is a very good reason why you need to change it .

5) Don’t repeat yourself

While it’s good to repeat some things if they’re very important, don’t just repeat the same words and information over and over again without changing them. This is unprofessional looking. You can use different wording or synonyms to rephrase what you said earlier.

6) Don’t stop the action abruptly

When you edit a video , try not to stop the action too abruptly unless you have a very good reason for doing so. If your video is about something that’s happening and then suddenly stops, people will wonder what went wrong and why it stopped just when things were getting interesting .

7) Cover all the bases

Make sure everything in the video is mentioned at least briefly, unless you have a very good reason for omitting it. For example, if your video is about five different things and you leave out one of them, viewers might think that the other four are the only important points, so be sure to cover all five of them.

8) Check your sound quality

For some kinds of videos – such as in-class lectures and presentations – it might be fine to let the sound quality suffer. For videos that you want people to watch, however, make sure that your video sounds good enough for them to understand what you’re saying even if they turn their volume down.

9) Don’t add anything unless it’s necessary

When editing a video , don’t add anything to it unless you have a very good reason for doing so – such as pictures or quotes that fit in well with what you’re saying. Otherwise, people might think that your video is unprofessional and unpolished .

10) Be careful about background music

Background music can be useful in making videos more interesting, but it can also annoy people enough to make them turn the video off. Try to keep the volume low so that they can hear what you’re saying, and don’t play music with words – especially if the lyrics are against your message .

11) Keep the video smooth

When editing a video , try to make sure that edits are as smooth as possible. The viewer shouldn’t notice anything unusual about the transitions between parts of your video .

12) Be careful with graphics

Graphics can be useful – especially for presentations and advertisements, but people often find them annoying when they’re put over their own videos without asking first. Make sure you know what you’re doing if you put graphics into your videos , because it could make people think your video is unprofessional .

13) Add subtitles if necessary

Don’t forget to add subtitles if you’re doing a spoken language video (e.g. interview) – unless the main message of your talk is in the sounds, like music or animal noises. Not everyone will be able to understand what you’re saying, so subtitles are a good idea if people whose native language isn’t the same as yours might want to watch your video .

14) Get permission before putting other people’s work in your video

If you’re going to put pictures or quotes from other people’s work into your video , ask them first if it’s okay. If it isn’t, don’t put their work into your video . It’s a good idea to credit/attribute them by name or link at the end of the video , if you can.

15) Keep going over everything

It’s important not to leave anything out when editing a video . Try rewatching what you’ve got so far several times, and check for any mistakes you might have missed before. This will make it easier to fix problems if they show up later on.

What video editing software do YouTubers use?

There are many software programs to use for video editing. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are the best choices, but there are also others to look at. Some of the most famous videos on the internet have been created with these programs.

Is video editing easy?

Editing video can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. It will be more enjoyable if you prepare before beginning the process.

Is video editing a good career?

Becoming a video editor is a really good job. There are so many jobs available and new ideas always happen.

In the main

As we wrap up this blog post, we just wanted to say thank you for reading and that we hope these 15 video editing tips will help. If you need any more information or have a specific question about your own project, please don’t hesitate to comment below or reach out! We would love to hear from you and chat with anyone who may be interested in our services! Until next time…stay tuned!

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