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12 Ways to Make More Money As a Copywriter

You hear about people who make big bucks in copywriting, and you think you want to join their club. But how?

One way is by getting better at what you do.   Here are 12 ways that might help. They’re simple, but not necessarily easy — because making more money is seldom easy!

1. Perform a self-evaluation.

Are you secure?  Or do you need to find the “right” clients who will treat you like gold?  That’s not a productive attitude; it’ll hold you back.

Copywriters generate income by selling their services, so they must learn to deal with all types of people and businesses — not just “nice” ones.

2. Work on your self-confidence.

Copywriters who love their work are confident, no matter the client or project.  If you struggle with confidence, ask yourself why?  Then try to overcome it with positive action — like sending out an RFP (request for proposal).

Clients will appreciate your confidence, which reflects on them.  Also, you’ll get better results.

3. Make a list of the types of work you want to do.

Doing what you love makes money — if it’s lucrative work!  So before you take on another project or client, make sure they match up with your long-term plans and goals.

You may be tempted to work on any project that comes your way; but if you want to make more money, you’ll need to take calculated risks and pick the best clients.

4. Update your portfolio regularly.

Your portfolio reflects how much you care about your career as a copywriter — so show it off!  The Internet makes it easy to present your work online.

Also, keep an up-to-date list of your clients and projects; that way, when the time comes to ask for more money (upfront or on delivery), you’ll have all the facts at hand.

5. Read!

Reading about copywriting and marketing helps you become a better copywriter.  So subscribe to an industry publication, like Direct Magazine , and read it cover-to-cover every month.

You’ll keep up with trends, learn from your peers’ successes — and avoid making costly mistakes.

6. Be patient.

You can’t just jump into the copywriting business and expect to make a mint overnight.  You need to devote time to research, study, practice, and networking.

It’s easy to get discouraged at times; but if you stick with copywriting long enough, the results will begin to show in your bank account.

7. Listen!

Successful copywriters know how to listen — to their clients, their market, and themselves.

Listening helps copywriters understand the client’s goals and needs.  It also lets them hone in on what makes a product or service unique from its competitors’.

Ultimately, listening to your intuition is a good way to make more money as a copywriter. Your gut instincts are usually right.

8. Provide an estimate for your work.

Price is never the most fun part of a copywriting project; but it’s important to set expectations at the beginning, rather than waiting until you’re almost finished before discussing terms.  This way, there’s less room for confusion or disagreement in payment terms down the road.

9. Ask for payment up front.

Begging for money can be uncomfortable — but it’s a necessary step in getting paid what you’re worth as a copywriter.   In some cases, clients will refuse to pay you until after the project is complete; but that’s risky from your perspective, since they may not provide the promised revisions.

Doing work for free is not the way to make more money as a copywriter!

10. Establish your rates and stick with them.

Consider how much time you actually spend working on each project, then decide how much you’re worth per hour .  If clients complain about your rate, remind them that they have alternatives, but that you have to pay the bills.

11. Be willing to negotiate, but don’t budge on your rate.

If a client can’t afford your rate now, they’ll often ask if there’s any flexibility.    Be open to negotiation — within reason!  For example, will you consider offering a discount if the client agrees to pay you within 24 hours?

Offering a small concession can often lead to future projects with the same client.    

12. Don’t give up!

Being successful as a copywriter requires hard work, patience, and time — but it’s also very rewarding. So take this list of ways to make more money as a copywriter, and use it to take action in your career right away!

How did you get the idea for this article?

I made it up. You can, too!  No, but seriously — there are thousands of articles online about how to make more money as a copywriter.  This is just one example of what you could write if you wanted.

What tools will I need to write this article?

A computer and a brain.  (Seriously, though — Microsoft Word and Google Docs work well.)

I’m brand-spanking new at copywriting; how will my clients know I can deliver quality work?

Start with small projects for friends and family (or even local businesses).  They’ll probably be happy to provide testimonials, which you can then use on your website or LinkedIn profile.

Upon Analyzing The Facts

The 12 tips in this article should help you make more money as a copywriter. But, keep in mind that your success depends on many factors outside of your control. What have been the biggest challenges for you when it comes to making more money? Comment below and share what works best for you!

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