12 Tips on Hiring a Great Writer to Outsource Content for You Biddrup

12 Tips on Hiring a Great Writer to Outsource Content for You

Reading the same article over and over again to check for grammar mistakes can get frustrating. And if you have a strong time constraint, you might have to outsource writing jobs to complete your work in time. That doesn’t mean that hiring a professional writer is easy, though! You need to consider many things before hiring one because your content will reflect your business. To hire a great writer, learn the following twelve important tips:

12.    Define Your Needs

What is your end goal? What do you expect to outsource? If it’s only content creation, then your needs will be different from those who want their articles rewritten. Your writer should know what you want to achieve through your writing.

11.    Check If You Can Hire A Freelancer Or An Outsourcing Company

Some clients want to hire writers who work for themselves, while others prefer working with outsourcing companies that have many writers under them. The advantage of hiring freelancers is that they are affordable, but it will take time to complete a large project. Outsource companies are more expensive, but they provide quality work in a limited time and give writers an opportunity to improve their skills.

10.    Do A Thorough Background Check

Experience and education don’t always represent that the writer can write well for you. It can be easier to find writers who have worked on your industry. However, they may not meet your writing standards. Before hiring a writer, ask for samples of his work and check if he understands the topic you want him to write about. If he doesn’t, then find another writer.

9.    Determine The Writer’s Fee

Most writers charge by word or per-hour basis, so determine how much you are willing to pay before you hire one. Evaluate your budget and stick to it while hiring a writer. That way, you’ll know how many words or hours the project will require before starting it.

8.    Identify The Writer’s Writing Style

Every writer has his own writing style that reflects his personality. Some writers write in a formal tone, whereas others write in a more personal way. If you want to maintain the quality of your writing, hire someone who writes like how you would. Also, consider hiring writers with good track records so that they can do better work for you.

7.    Check Writer’s Capabilities

Some companies allow their writers to manage other clients’ projects. That means you’ll be dealing with a company instead of an individual writer. If you want to maintain quality, choose such companies and check their capabilities before hiring them.

6.    Find Someone Who Can Meet Deadlines

Deadlines will affect your business if the writer fails to meet them twice or more times in a row. Therefore, check if the writer you want to hire can meet your deadlines. If not, find one who can so that nothing will be delayed without your permission.

5.    Select The Writer According To Budget

If you have a specific budget in mind, then base your search on it. Your budget is what you are willing to pay for the project, regardless of how good the writer is. Before you determine your budget, estimate how much time it will take to complete the project and ask for quotes from multiple writers. Then select the best one among them based on price.

4.    Have A Clear Idea About The Project

If you want to hire a writer, then have a full idea of what you want him to do. It will be easier for you to explain your exact requirements if you know them yourself. 

3.    Hire Someone Who Is Professional

A professional writer has a high level of expertise that shows through his writing. You can confirm this by checking the samples of his work and reading client testimonials. He will be able to follow both your instructions and industry standards.

2.    Hire Someone With Good Communication Skills

Communication skills are important because you will be sharing ideas with the writer on a regular basis. You can test his communication skills by checking samples of his work, asking him questions about what he thinks of certain things, or chatting with him about a topic you want to ask his opinion on.

1.        Ask For References

The best way to find a good writer is to ask for his references. Contact people he has worked with in the past, let them know why you are calling, and ask them if they can confirm that he can deliver quality work within deadlines. Then choose the best writer from among those who have provided excellent customer service.

How can I improve my writer’s communication skills?

Improve your writer’s communication skills by checking samples of his work, asking him questions about what he thinks of certain things, or chatting with him about a topic you want to ask his opinion on.

How should I handle writers who want to be paid before starting?

It is good to pay writers in advance if they are confident about their abilities. However, do not hire a writer who wants to be paid before starting the project because he may take your money and disappear.

What can I do to have more control over the projects?

Ask writers if they will be working on other projects while completing yours. You can then select one writer who can concentrate more on your project or hire multiple writers to work on it at the same time.

How can I hire someone who will meet my deadlines?

Hire a writer with good track records so that he can do better work for you.

What other questions should I ask writers?

Ask writers other important questions such as how long it will take them to produce quality work, if they have the skills to write about your topic, or if their rates are competitive.

How can I check if the writer I want to hire understands my topic?

You can test a writer’s understanding of your topic by sharing samples of your product or writing with him and asking how he thinks the design could be improved.

To Sum Things Up

Comment below and share your thoughts. How do you find great writers to outsource content for you? Do the 12 tips in this article work for you? What are some other methods that have worked well in hiring a writer on Fiverr or Upwork? Is there any way I can help with your writing needs, no matter how big or small they may be? Let me know by commenting here!

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