12 Signs You Secretly Love Writing

12 Signs You Secretly Love Writing

I’ve always loved writing. I love the way a good sentence sounds when it falls from my fingertips and onto the page. I love how a well-crafted paragraph can make you feel all warm inside, like your favorite blanket on a cold winter day.

And when I come up with an idea that feels really different or exciting to me, I know there is no better feeling in the world than seeing it go from being something in my head to existing outside of me as words on an electronic device for people to read and enjoy!

Writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you find yourself doing any of these 12 things then chances are that you secretly love writing too.

1. You have a daily writing habit you just can’t quit

If you’re anything like me then your inbox is probably filled with half finished blog posts that were supposed to be written during down time, but never quite found their way out of the idea phase. That being said, if you have a blog or don’t mind sharing, feel free to share your writing process at the end of this post in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!

2 . You keep a journal

I personally use my phone for my daily journaling habit– nothing fancy whatsoever since let’s face it… no one reads these babies but me! But even if you keep a physical one, writing in it is just another way of getting your thoughts out and onto paper. By doing so you reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by all those ideas swimming around up there inside your head.

3 . You read a lot

I know… I know… reading isn’t necessarily directly tied to writing… But if you find yourself reading more than three books in a week… Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: we all secretly love writing.

4 . You write during your commute and listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you do so

You may not want to admit it at first, but maybe you drive back and forth to work every day… maybe you’re even on a bus or train racking up the miles. Whatever your mode of transportation, if you have time to read then chances are that you have enough hours in your week to write as well.

5. You’re constantly invested in your favorite authors’ lives

I personally love following the life journeys of my favorite authors. It feels like I know them even if I never actually meet them! By doing so, I feel closer to their own writing processes which not only helps me to appreciate what they do even more, but also gives me tons of ideas for my own work.

6. You read reviews on your favorite books

I know you don’t want to admit this, but maybe you just can’t help yourself! We all secretly love reading reviews and finding out what other people think about the books we read.

7. You write snappy book reviews yourself… sometimes

Of course, if you’re going to read a review that someone else has written then it’s only fair that you should write one as well! By writing a short blurb about your thoughts on a particular novel, not only are you sharing your opinions with others, but you’re also putting them into writing which is the first step to writing something of your own.

8. You write down quotes that inspire or motivate you

If there’s one thing I know about writers it’s that we all love collecting the little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that make us who we are. We write them down in books, on post-its, in journals and anywhere else that we can remember to come back to when the need arises.

9. You secretly keep a book of writing prompts

I have so many little booklets filled with random ideas for blog posts or short stories. Sometimes I just need to get an idea out there before it disappears into the ether never to be seen again! These types of lists are great not only for creativity, but also because they provide your brain something to chew on while it works out exactly what you’re going to write about.

10 . You find yourself creating plots and characters when you’re not writing

By taking note of your dreams, stories that pop into your head randomly, or even the types of things that interest you in daily life (in a journal perhaps), we give our brains something to work with while we’re not actually writing.

11. You enjoy the research process

Whether you’re writing non-fiction or fiction, it’s important to find out as much information about your topic as possible. If that’s something that energizes you then chances are that if you’re not already doing so, you’d love to start writing more often.

12 . You spend hours on the internet looking for quotes, tutorials and author interviews

As I mentioned earlier, we all love collecting inspirational snippets of information… whether they be images or typed up notes! By finding these things online rather than in books, you’re engaging your creativity with that specific medium which is a great way to get started if you’re trying to produce digital content.

What is the main point of this article?

To show that anyone can start writing, even if they think that they don’t like it!

Where did this idea come from?

I was inspired by reading other related articles and wanted to write one myself. You should try it too! 🙂

What could I accomplish by following these suggestions?

You can write a book in 6 months. You can also get involved with other forms of writing to build up your skills.

I’m already a writer, is there anyway this article can benefit me?

No matter what level you’re at with your writing, chances are that there’s something else out there on the topic of ‘how to get started’ that you haven’t seen or tried yet. By keeping an open mind and branching out into other areas, you’ll have more knowledge to put into practice which will make your writing even better!

Why should I do something just because someone tells me to?

Write down 5 reasons why you’re not interested in writing and 1 reason why you could be. Write out a list of 15 goals that you want to accomplish in the near future, 3 of which should be writing related.

In The Final Analysis

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope that you got something out of it. If you enjoyed this content then feel free to share, post and pin it with your friends. This is only the beginning!

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