11 Ways to Stay Productive on the Road- Become a Copywriting Professional Biddrup

11 Ways to Stay Productive on the Road: Become a Copywriting Professional

Professional copywriters work in a  variety of settings including advertising agencies, marketing firms and corporations.

And while many people think that good writing is one of the most important skills in business today,  the majority of managers do not think writing is an essential job skill.  In fact, only 29 percent believe it is important or extremely important to write well.  So, what do you do if you are a business person who values writing?

Here are 11 ways to become more productive on the road so you can get your writing done.  

11.  Make a list.

Many of us have been told from the time we were little to make lists, and there is a reason it works so well.  Making a list helps keep you organized and get everything done on your to do list that day.  Lists also help reduce stress and improve productivity by providing a sense of accomplishment when you check each item off the list.

10.    Over prepare.

It’s hard to stay productive on the road if you are unprepared because it would mean missing meetings, phone calls and not having materials you need to work with.  Always over prepare by bringing extra copies of everything you need because it will never hurt.  If you don’t bring enough (and I’m sure you won’t), you can always go back to the hotel or office the next day.

9.  Stay in touch with your team.

You are on the road so often not just because your job requires it but because you are building relationships with people across the country, country, world and dealing with them makes you a better leader.  Scheduling regular conference calls and video chats with your associates in different parts of the country and world will help establish and maintain these relationships.  If you do it on a consistent basis, you can even schedule them in increments so everyone else knows when to be ready.

8.  Connect everywhere.

Don’t wait until you are in front of your computer to do work.  Connecting with your team and keeping up on important news can be done via email, text message or social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at any time.  Using the appropriate communication channel for each situation will help you complete tasks quickly so you can move onto other things.

7.  Set limits for your time and energy.

Sometimes we feel like we should be able to do everything because we are on the road and can work 24 hours a day if need be, but that is not true and it will only make you exhausted and unable to keep up with everything else in your life.  Tell yourself you will work eight hours a day (and no longer) and know that you are okay with working less than the 40 hours your colleagues back at the office are.  If you need to, adjust your schedule daily to accommodate for this; it will do wonders for your productivity.

6.  Keep an open mind about technology.  

You are working on the road more than ever, which means you have more opportunities to test out new productivity tools.  Don’t be afraid to try new things because they might just help you get your work done faster and better.  For example, free writing apps can help you let all the thoughts in your head go so they don’t clutter your mind when you are in the middle of an important task.  You don’t have to use it for everything you do but test it out to see if it works for you.

5.  Surround yourself with positive people .

Being productive means getting things done, so why would you hang around people who are constantly calling in sick, taking long lunches and goofing off on company time.  Negative people can be so draining so try to avoid them while you are working even though it will be hard because everyone wants to hang out with their friends outside of work.  They aren’t your real friends anyway, so keep that in mind when they are trying to pull you into their drama.

4.  Set goals for your work and life.

While you are on the road, you might feel like there is no point to setting goals since they aren’t really relevant to what you are doing at that moment, but I can guarantee that will do nothing but make it impossible for you to be productive.  Goals help you reach your potential and get things done.  You don’t have to work on them every day like you do at the office, but thinking about them and checking in with yourself periodically to see how you are doing will definitely help you stay productive while working remotely.

3. Don’t let interruptions derail your work.

You are on the road more than you are at the office, which means there will be times where people want to talk to you about something that is not really urgent but they think it is because they have never worked remotely before or just can’t seem to adjust to working remotely.  If someone interrupts you for anything other than an emergency, politely let them know you do not want to be interrupted and keep the discussion brief.  You might feel like it is impossible to stay productive in these situations, but trust me when I say there is nothing wrong with cutting people off because you are the one who has limited time.

2.    Be mindful of the time.

Your coworkers are most likely working from 9-5, so try your best to match your schedule with theirs.  I know this will be hard if you have a different time zone or work for a company that doesn’t have set hours, but at least try to stick to the basics which is being in the office during the normal working hours.  It might seem like people are annoyed that you can’t work off of regular hours, but you will be much happier if you give yourself a set schedule to work with rather than working whenever and wherever you want because it is too difficult for others to adjust.

1.  Create boundaries.

As an independent contractor, you are working for yourself, not for someone else.  That means your work is your responsibility and it needs to reflect that.  Don’t let others take advantage of the way you work because you might think they are helping you out when in actuality they are taking away from your time and productivity.    This is the biggest reason why it is so important to set boundaries when you are on the road.

I am a remote worker.  Will this list work for me?

Yes, but double check with your boss to make sure you are getting the most out of your time on the road.

I am not working remotely right now, but I am taking time off for travel. Is there anything special I should do to stay productive?

You can still use the rules on this list. You just need to be sure you stick to them.  This means working at the same time every day and choosing your travel activities wisely so you don’t waste too much of your limited time.

I work in an office all day long and my boss thinks it would be “fun” for me to work remotely for a week.  What should I do?

You are in trouble.  There is no way you will be productive when you are on the road with your boss breathing down your neck or when you are in a strange place without any distractions.  This might sound harsh, but the best thing to do might be to work from home for the week or find an office outside of your company to work at.

What if I am working remotely from a hotel? Will this list still work for me?

Yes, you can apply the rules from this list to any remote worker, but make sure you have a room with a door and a bed that isn’t right next to the coffee shop.

What if I have a hard time staying productive while working from home?  Is there anything special I should do?

You can follow the same rules as a remote worker, but make sure you have a quiet place to work and close people out of your workspace.  This means no phone calls or having them stop by for coffee or breakfast.

As You Can See

I hope you have found this post useful. Comment below and share your thoughts on how to stay productive when traveling. What are some of the best productivity hacks for those who travel frequently or as a digital nomad? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where we will be sharing 11 Ways To Keep Your Digital Nomad Mindset Healthy!

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