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11 Tips For Managing Difficult Clients: A Freelancer’s Survival Guide

Freelancers all over the world face difficult clients. If you’re a freelancer, then this article is for you! We’ll cover 11 tips that will help make your client interactions smoother and more profitable. I’m going to go in depth about how to deal with angry or demanding clients, how to get paid on time, and much more!

11. Say “No” to bad projects

Let’s face it: some projects are just bad. The client doesn’t pay on time, or pays half of the agreed payment, and then forgets about you for weeks at a time. This can be very frustrating. Although it may seem like an intelligent move to take on as many clients as possible (to make as much money as possible), it’s not a wise move. For all you know, this stressed out client could be the next Uber. If you ever want to work for someone like that again, I suggest you say “no” to bad projects and clients whenever possible.

10. Keep good records of every project – no exceptions

This tip is incredibly important for keeping track of your money, and ensuring that you get paid on time. I keep track of every single project in my accounting software (FreshBooks). Not only does it help me to stay organized, but it also lets me see which clients haven’t paid yet. This way, I know whom to chase up at month’s end.

9. The client is always wrong – except when they’re not

It’s quite easy to go into a project thinking that you know what you’re doing, and that your client doesn’t have a clue. But the truth of the matter is, I’ve yet to run into an issue where my clients are 100% in the wrong and I’m 100% in the right. As an entrepreneur, you need to balance between doing what is best for your business while also keeping your clients happy, and this can sometimes mean compromising.

8. Be friendly

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your work and forget about the outside world, but if you’re having trouble dealing with a difficult client, try to remind yourself that they’re people too. A friendly phone call or email is often more effective than one that’s strict and business-like.

7. Be persuasive

If you deal with clients that are particularly stuck in their ways, then persuasion may be the answer for you! Persuading your client can often mean more freedom and less stress for you, as a freelancer. It might even help to save a long term relationship with them!

6. Stay calm

A lot of the time, your client will be angry about something – most likely their lack of budget or tight deadlines – and it is your job to remain calm and not take on board any negative feelings they have. This can be quite difficult, but it is possible to remain calm! You need to keep things in perspective. If the client isn’t happy with your work, screw them! But if they haven’t paid you for a couple of months, then it might be time to ask yourself why that is…

5. Save all of your client’s projects and contracts

This is such a simple task to do, but so valuable. The reason you need to save copies of your client’s work and any previous projects you’ve worked on together is because it helps to build up trust between you two. You might also want to pull out the portfolio showcasing your past work for the client. In my experience, this helps to ensure that the next project you work on together goes more smoothly and with less stress.

4. Focus on your goals early in the project

Early in a project, your client will often be full of ideas and enthusiasm for what they want their new website or product to achieve – but as projects drag on, this initial enthusiasm wears off. It’s important that you tap into this early on and discuss your client’s business goals with them. This will help to ensure a clear direction of the project, and reduce any potential future issues.

3. If all else fails, fire your client!

It may sound harsh, but sometimes firing a client is the best option. As a freelancer, you need to look after yourself and your own business. Don’t feel pressured into working with unprofessional or difficult clients just because they may be good for business in the long run!

2. Think about who you want to work with

If someone is giving you a hard time, it’s probably not a good idea to work with them! I always ask myself if I’d actually want to be friends with my potential clients. If the answer is ‘no’, then I probably won’t take on their project, no matter how much money they’re offering me!

1. Don’t let them ruin your day

At the end of the day, difficult clients are probably no more than a minor frustration, and they shouldn’t be allowed to ruin your day. If you do have an issue with one of your clients that is really getting you down, then just take a step back from it for a second – would this problem have even crossed your mind if it wasn’t for these 11 tips? With that in mind, I’m sure you’ll agree that managing difficult clients isn’t all that hard.

What if my client comes to the conclusion that we should be friends?

You need to fire your client and rethink your goals. They’re not coming to the same conclusions as you!

How can I make my client realize I’m worth more money?

Don’t be afraid to ask your client for a raise! Just remember that they are probably working with other freelancers, so you shouldn’t get too greedy. After all, you still need them!

I’m a web developer, and my client has asked me to make changes to their website that are not in our contract . Do I have to do this?

No! Stick to the original agreement you made with your client. If they want something else then they should pay for it.

How do I know if my client is taking advantage of me?

If you work with a daycare center for disabled children, don’t worry about it! The increase in business will more than make up for your time. However, if you’re a website developer, think very carefully before working for your supermarket.

Should I talk with my clients about business goals?

Yes, this helps ensure a clear direction of the project, and reduces any potential future issues.

At The End Of The Day

We hope you enjoyed our 11 tips for managing difficult clients. If you have feedback or questions, please comment below and share your thoughts. In the meantime, we will be happy to help with any freelance writing projects as well!

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