11 Criminally Underrated Copywriting Tips That Will Change The Way You Write

11 Criminally Underrated Copywriting Tips That Will Change The Way You Write

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of any business. If you can’t write persuasive copy, you will not be successful. However, many people don’t know how to write effective copy. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 criminally underrated copywriting tips that will help you write better copy for your business!

1. If No One Likes Your Page, Content is Not to Blame

Many people assume that if someone doesn’t like or share the content on their page, it’s because of the quality of their content. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, there are plenty of things you can do to increase likes and shares without ever writing a new piece of content.

2. The 7 Words That Will Get People to Share Your Content

When you are writing a piece of content, it’s important to include the seven words that will get people to share your post on social media. These seven little words are “You’ll never believe.” If you include these words within your article, people are more likely to share it because they know that their friends will find it interesting.

3. Make Your Headlines Catchy and Get Attention

In order to get people to read your content, you need a good headline. The most important part of any blog post is the headline. If a person reads a headline and decides not to click on the article, it’s unlikely that they would have read the full article. Therefore, you need to get their attention with a good headline. The best way to do so is by using numbers and key words.

4. You Are Not Anne Hathaway

Many people approach writing as if they were trying to impress someone else such as famous actor Anne Hathaway. Unfortunately, no one will be impressed by you writing in this style. Instead, it’s important to be yourself when writing content because people are interested in reading about the topics that interest them the most.

5. Limit Your Number of Adjectives and Adverbs

One problem that many writers have is including too many adjectives and adverbs in their content. Although these words may sound good, they don’t have the same effect as strong verbs and nouns. In other words, you do not need to rely on adjectives and adverbs as much as possible because it will make your writing stronger.

6. Packing a Punch With Lists

Lists are generally easier to read compared to other content formats because they allow for shorter sentences. When you have a lot of information, it’s important to use lists in order to break up the content into smaller sections that are easier for people to digest.

7. Be Consistent with your Vocabulary

It’s important to be consistent when choosing your vocabulary. This means using the same verbs, nouns, and adjectives throughout your piece of content. For instance, using the word “grow” instead of “grows” several times in one post can become distracting for the reader.

8. Make Your Content Stand Out With Images

Research has shown that including images within your blog posts significantly increases viewership. Therefore, it’s important to make your images stand out with captions, bold lettering, and/or better color contrasts.

9. How Your Sentences are Structured Matters

When you are writing a sentence, it needs to do one of two things: It needs to either teach the reader something new or remind them of something they already know. If you’re not doing one of these two things, then your sentences are simply being used to fill up space.

10. Write From Your Core and Expand from There

Writing is a lot easier when you write about something that’s important to you. If you don’t care about what you are writing, it will be difficult to convince anyone else to care.

11. Study the Best in Your Niche

Finally, it’s important to study the best in your niche when writing content. This is because they have likely found a way to improve upon what you are doing right now. By studying them, you can discover what they are doing so that you can emulate their success with your own writing.

Who are the best in my niche to study?

The best person to study is someone who is doing what you want to do better than you are. Even though it might be intimidating at first, studying the best will inevitably make you a better writer.

What is the best way to initiate a blog series?

It’s important that each blog post within your series relates to all of the other posts in some way. Starting from a foundation of related content will allow your readers know what to expect throughout the rest of your series.

What is the easiest way of writing blog posts?

Writing about something that you feel passionate about will allow you to write more naturally and it will be easier for you to come up with topics for future blog posts.

How can I make my content stand out?

You can either use captions with your images or bold certain words in order to make them stand out more. Also, you can use different color contrasts in order to spice up your content.

Why does it matter how my sentences are structured?

If you don’t structure your sentences properly, you will lose the interest of your readers or you will bore them. To avoid this from happening, it’s important that you use an active sentence structure as much as possible.

What is the best structure for sentences?

It’s important to either teach people new information or remind them of something that they already know so that you keep their attention throughout your writing.

What kinds of lists should I use?

You can either list things that people need to do or the benefits that they will get from doing something.

How should I format my content if I’m using images?

Each image should have a caption and/or you can bold the key words in order to make them stand out more. In addition, you can try different color contrasts in order to make your images look better.

In Other Words

So there you have it, eleven criminally underrated copywriting tips to help you write better and more persuasive content. Do any of these stand out as something you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear how they work for you. And if you found this post helpful, be sure to share it with your fellow writers and marketers – they’ll thank you for it later.

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