10 Tips to Increase Response Rates When Pitching Your Ideas

10 Tips to Increase Response Rates When Pitching Your Ideas

Are you having trouble getting people to respond to your pitches? It can be frustrating when you put a lot of time and effort into creating a proposal or pitch, and then no one takes the time to even reply. In this blog post, we will give you 10 tips that will help increase your response rates when pitching your ideas!

10. Make Sure to Use the Right Contact

First and foremost, make sure you are reaching out to the right person. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when pitching is trying to talk to someone who has no stake or influence over what they are pitching. For example, if you work for a company that builds signs (and you’re looking for help with marketing), don’t go straight to the head of manufacturing. Instead, look at the names of the VPs or CEOs on LinkedIn and send your pitch to him/her.

9. Be Sure Your Pitch is Worth Their Time (And Yours)

Another mistake made by people looking for response is that they are pitching themselves or their idea without any sort of background information on the person receiving the pitch. For example, you are pitching someone who has 500+ connections on LinkedIn, so why would they reply to your pitch if they don’t know anything about you?

8. Keep it Short and Simple

Keep your message short and simple with absolutely no long-winded introductions. Consumers don’t have time to read long messages, so if you want your pitch or idea to grab someone’s attention, keep it short and sweet!

7. Make Sure There is a Clear Call-to-Action

If you’re pitching an idea, make sure there is a clear call-to-action that tells the receiver exactly what you want them to do. Don’t leave them hanging and wondering what is going on with your pitch!

6. Follow up If Necessary

If all else fails, follow-up! This can be done two different ways: by using LinkedIn Inmail or sending a LinkedIn message after a week of no responses. Either way, make sure you follow up, because 9 times out of 10, the person never got your original message!

5. Make it Personal

Don’t be a stranger… If there is a common connection between you and the person receiving your pitch, use that to get in contact with them. Connect on LinkedIn and ask if they would be interested in your idea or pitch, because chances are if they have a common friend, they will be more willing to at least take the time to review your message.

4. Use Stats to Engage

If you can find stats that are relevant in your pitch, use them! Data shows that consumers are more likely to read your content if it is backed up by stats or data.

3. Send it to the Right Person at the Right Time

If you are pitching your idea, specifically at a time when they are looking for new ideas, you have a much greater chance of getting their attention because they are actually searching for what you have to offer!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Keep Pitching

Sometimes people think that if they pitch someone and the person doesn’t reply, they should move on. That’s not always the case! Sometimes it takes several pitches to get a response, so don’t give up!

5. Personalize Your Pitch

Finally, personalize your pitch! It might seem like a lot of work to write a personalized message to each person receiving your pitch, but it will go much further than sending out the same generic message to everyone.

Do I have to make personalization part of my pitch?

Not necessarily, but it is definitely a good idea. If you can add personalization into your pitch, there is a better chance that the person will read and respond to your message!

Are there any statistics that show the connection between personalization and response rates?

Personalize the subject line and the introduction of the message to catch the reader’s attention! Using personalization in the body of your message will probably help too. You can even add a personal note at the end, such as “I hope you enjoy reading this” to make it more personable and less like an advertisment.

How do I know when to follow up?

If it has been at least a week since you sent your pitch and the person hasn’t replied, try following up! You have nothing to lose by trying again or using LinkedIn Inmail. It doesn’t hurt to try!

How do I find relevant stats to use in my pitch?

You can Google “customer stats” or research your industry and see what sort of relevant stats you can find.

How do I know if the person receiving my pitch has any influence over what I’m pitching?

Look for the VPs and CEOs on LinkedIn. These are people who may have some sort of influence over what you’re pitching, so start there!

In A Nutshell

So there you have it, 10 tried and true tips to increase the response rate when pitching your ideas. Have we missed anything? What are some of your favorite techniques for getting people on board with your proposals? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share this post if you found it helpful.

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