10 Tips To Find Freelance Clients on Fiverr & Upwork For Beginners

10 Tips To Find Freelance Clients on Fiverr & Upwork For Beginners

The freelance industry is booming. There are more freelancers than ever before, and the demand for them only continues to grow. Freelancing has become a viable option for many people who can’t find jobs, or don’t want permanent ones. However, finding clients on Fiverr & Upwork for beginners can be quite difficult if you’re not sure what you’re doing! That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 tips that will help anyone successfully find freelance clients on these platforms!

1. Don’t get discouraged by low offers.

This one’s a biggie. As you get started on Fiverr, it can be very discouraging when all of your offers are constantly rejected with 0-star ratings and no written reviews. Some people just flat out won’t hire you in their job postings, but in most cases there’s simply no demand for low-rated sellers, and they’re disregarding your offers because of that. The key to success on Fiverr is to take your lumps and come back stronger. Once you begin getting more reviews and ratings, the quality of your work will speak for itself and you’ll see increases in demand as a result.

2 . Spend time finding the right gigs.

As a beginner, you’re usually competing against professionals and veterans with extensive portfolios and years of experience in their respective fields. If you want to be taken seriously as a newbie, then you’ll need to play your cards right and find clients who will look past your lack of reviews. So take some time before applying to gigs, do your research and find jobs that are open to newbies or low-rated sellers. If you don’t, then you’ll likely be wasting time applying for jobs that won’t hire you.

3 . Make sure your profile is complete with high quality photos & videos!

Upwork & Fiverr both use profiles as a way to gauge the quality of your work and how trustworthy you are as a freelancer. If your profile is incomplete or doesn’t include photos & videos, then you’re essentially giving people no reason to click on it at all! To avoid this, make sure everything is completed before applying for any gigs. And while we’re on the subject…

4 . Give your clients a reason to hire you!

So you’ve found the perfect gig on Fiverr or Upwork, now it’s time to seal the deal! When applying for jobs, make sure that your application is professional and stands out from all of the others. Add some photos, attach your work samples & show off what you can do. Make it as easy as possible for clients to hire you by showing that you’re the best fit!

5 . Do research on your competition and learn from them.

When trying to find freelance clients on Fiverr & Upwork, competition is always something that needs to be taken into account. For every job there are multiple applicants competing for the same attention, and if you don’t make yourself stand out then it’s game over. It’s crucial that you understand your competitors before applying to any gigs; they’ll likely all be more experienced than you, so how can you beat them? By learning from them! Take a look at their profiles and work samples, then mimic what they’re doing and add your own unique spin on it.

6 . Find out what works & what doesn’t work on each platform.

Upwork & Fiverr are famous platforms with millions of users, but like anything else in life: nothing’s perfect! You’ll need to take the time and discover why certain gigs get more attention than others. Maybe it’s because they’re offering higher rates? Or maybe they have more effective sales pitches? Either way, you need to take some time and figure out what works on these sites if you want to be successful.

7 . Don’t get caught up in a bidding war!

We’ve all been there before: a potential client approaches you with a gig that sets your heart racing, and all of a sudden you’re tempted to offer more than your highest bid. This is a big mistake! As a beginner, bidding wars are the quickest way to get rejected from jobs before they even finish reading your application. Instead of getting caught up in ridiculous amounts of money, do some research on the client and figure out how much they’re willing to offer. That way, you can remain competitive without getting too greedy!

8 . Don’t overload on gigs!

Upwork & Fiverr are both excellent sites for finding freelance clients, but it’s easy to get carried away when applying to jobs. As a beginner, it’s best to take things slow and concentrate on one or two gigs at a time. This ensures that you’ll have enough time to carry out your work while getting paid, rather than being forced to spread yourself too thin over multiple projects. Don’t risk losing money just because you’re desperate for more jobs!

9 . Know when to say no.

There will be times when a client approaches you with a job that doesn’t sound appealing, or maybe it’s just not right for you. In those cases, don’t risk spending half an hour working on their project only to lose money. Instead, politely decline and go back to what you were doing! If they want exceptional work done properly then they’ll find someone who can do it for them.

10 . Always communicate!

If you take one thing away from this blog post, let it be this: communication is everything when it comes to freelance work! There’s nothing worse than offering an excellent service and not receiving any feedback at all. That’s why we always make sure to ask our clients to let us know if they’re happy with the job, and we ask them to communicate any problems or issues. If you want to be successful on Fiverr & Upwork, then make it your priority to always communicate!

Is there any way to get paid on Fiverr without making a sale?

Unfortunately not, but you can use Fiverr’s Revenue Sharing Program to earn a percentage of what your clients spend. Read more about this here .

How can I find work on Fiverr if nobody bids on my gigs?

Persistence is key. Sometimes it can take weeks for someone to purchase your gig, so don’t lose hope just because you haven’t made a sale yet! If you feel that your gigs are of high enough quality then always keep them up and contact the client when the job is complete.

Is Upwork worth it?

Absolutely! Upwork is a great site for finding freelance work and it has a big selection of jobs available. The only downside is that there’s a lot of competition, but if you use the tips in this post then you should have no problem getting accepted to gigs!

Is it OK to use 1-day delivery on Fiverr?

Yes! There’s nothing wrong with setting your gig to 1-day delivery as long as you can deliver the finished product within that time. This is a great way to increase your chances of winning jobs and it also makes customers more likely to purchase from you!

I have no experience in my field! How do I find freelance work on Upwork & Fiverr?

Don’t let lack of experience hold you back! Take a look at the other profiles on Fiverr & Upwork and see how other freelancers market themselves. The best way to beat them is by making yourself stand out and showing potential clients that you’re more experienced than they are!

All In All

There’s no easy way of getting started as a freelancer; it requires hard work and dedication until you find your rhythm. If you want to be successful on Fiverr & Upwork, then take the time and apply these tips today!

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope that it helped! Please like and comment if you have any questions! 🙂

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