10 Tips for Improved Sales Page Copywriting

10 Tips for Improved Sales Page Copywriting

It’s time to stop making excuses for your lackluster sales copy. Many people are not entirely sure how to write a great sales page, but there are plenty of resources out there that will give you some pointers. In this blog post, we’ll outline 10 tips for improved sales page copywriting – all with the goal of getting more conversions and closing more deals!

1. Get Into The Buyer’s Mindset

Finding the right words to describe your product or service is important, but it can be difficult if you don’t know who will ultimately be reading the sales page. Dig deep and really put yourself in their shoes. What benefits would they gain from using your product? How would their life change as a result?

2. Get To The Point

Don’t take a meandering approach to your sales copy, especially when visitors may not stick around long before getting distracted or moving on. Be direct and get straight to the point – don’t be afraid to reiterate that you’re here to sell them something! They came to your page for a reason, so give them what they’re looking for!

3. Give Them The Information They Want, But Never More Than That

As the one writing the copy, you know your product better than anyone else. You know all of its features and benefits, but people will often tune out if you go on too long about things that don’t matter to them. Find the fine line that balances between what they want and what you need to tell them.

4. Don’t Worry About Selling Yourself Short

Most sales pages end up being much shorter than the author originally intended simply because “too much” information can actually be a bad thing! Your sales copy doesn’t have to include every little detail about your product, and usually shouldn’t.

5. Be Unmistakably Clear About Your Offer & What You’ll Give Them In Return For Their Money

What’s in it for them? If you’ve got a great offer on your sales page, be sure to make it abundantly clear what they will get out of their purchase – and what they won’t get if they don’t buy. You also want to be clear about what will happen if they do buy, so there are no unexpected surprises later on down the road.

6. Provide Proof Of Your Product’s Quality

People like to see that you’re legitimate and that you know what you’re talking about before they go through with a purchase. Obviously, this is doubly important for products or services that are of a more intangible nature. Add links to existing third-party testimonials and use “social proof” throughout your copy to show people that there are other humans out there who believe in your product!

7. Use A Variety Of Senses When Descriptive

People like to feel like they’re “there.” Bring your readers into your sales copy by talking about how things look, smell, sound, taste and feel. Vivid details are often remembered even if the reader doesn’t retain all of the information you provide!

8. Keep Sentences And Paragraphs Short

Keep sentences to no more than 20 words and paragraphs no more than 5-7 sentences. People like to scan sales pages quickly, looking for key pieces of information that pertain directly to them. Use bold text, bullet points and numbered lists when possible to make your copy scannable!

9. Maintain An Informal Tone

Even though you’re trying to convince their logical brains to buy, you still want to come off as friendly. People buy from people they like, so talk directly to them and show that your offer is made specifically for them – not for everyone out there!

10. Have Someone Else Read It Before You Publish To The World!

Make sure someone else has had a chance to read your copy before you post it to your sales page. You don’t have to include every little detail, but a second set of eyes will usually be able to find typos and help keep your writing simple and clear!

What if I don’t like writing sales copy?

Even if you’re not a natural, that’s okay! With practice and time, your skills will improve. That said, you can always outsource the job for a couple hundred dollars to someone who is an expert at copywriting.

How much does good copywriting cost?

A: Professional copywriters can charge over $100 per hour, so it’s probably not worth outsourcing unless you have money to burn. You might also try hiring an intern or two to help with the project! If you’re trying to keep costs low, focus on learning copywriting yourself through books and blog posts like this o

What’s the best length for a sales page?

All of the above! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Some folks like to keep it short and sweet, while others feel like they can sell more through long copy. What you choose should be based on your product and target audience.

What if I still don’t know what to say?

Most people who struggle with this actually don’t know their target audience well enough. Get out of your own head and start interviewing people about how they solve the problem your product helps them with. From there, you’ll know exactly what to write!

How much should I advertise my product?

Creativity is your best friend here, so take some time to brainstorm ad variations. Test different headlines and images on Facebook, Google Adwords or another platform of your choice to see which gets the most clicks! You might also want to try offering a free chapter or two as an incentive for people to click through.

In The End

With all the tips we’ve shared, you have a head start on creating copy that sells. We hope these ideas will help you improve your sales page and increase revenue for your business. What are some changes you plan to make as a result of this blog post? Let us know in the comments below!

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