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10 Reasons to Own Your Audience

Do you want to own your online community?

OK. Let’s get on the same page about some of the key terminology here: “online community,” “own,” and “audience.”

An online community is a group of users that interact around some sort of interest. A blog, wiki, discussion forum, social networking site, or video sharing site can all be considered communities. Owning your audience implies building up this community so that the community acknowledges you as their leader and looks to you for guidance.

A blog’s readership is its audience.

It is common for blog owners to want to own their audience by wanting to drive traffic, or readership, back to their site. But have you ever considered the other benefits of having your audience visit your site?

If you are a blogger who wants to build up an online community around your blog, here are 10 reasons to own your audience.

10. Owning Your Audience Builds Loyalty

Your readers, or customers if you are running a business site, feel more loyal to you when they know you are looking out for their well being. If they have formed bonds with other community members, then these people will also start feeling more positive towards you as well.

9. Ownership Gives You a Competitive Edge

In some cases, having your blog’s audience visit you often could give you the edge over other blogs in your niche. This especially applies to those who blog as a business and want to rank higher on search engine results. If they are visiting your site more than anyone else’s, then you have a greater chance of outranking those other sites.

8. Keeps You from Losing Readers to Competitors

If you try some new tactic on your blog and it doesn’t work, some readers might decide to leave for another blog in the same niche as yours. If they follow usual reading patterns and visited your site first before moving on to your competitors, then there is always a chance you can get them back. When they come back to visit you again after having visited one of your competitor’s sites, it will be like no time has passed at all!

7. You Can Bring in New Readers That Complement Your Existing Ones

If you own the loyalty of your audience, then you can determine the direction they take in order to find new sites and blogs that complement yours. You will not lose these readers either because they know they came from you.

6. You Can Direct your Audience’s Actions with Ease

If you own your audience, then you can easily direct their movements online without too many obstacles. You can send them to download an e-book, opt in to your newsletter, or even get the word out about the latest post you made.

5. The Audience Will Stick Around Longer

If you own your audience and give them reasons to love coming back again and again, then they will be more likely to stay with you longer. This means they will read more of your posts, come back to your site at least once a day, and always check for the latest updates first before visiting other sites.

4. The Audience will Check Back Daily

The more you own the audience that visits your blog, the more often they will be checking up on you. Daily visits or more is a pretty good start. If you place ads on your site, then the audience will be checking back each time they see an ad that might interest them.

3. Gives You Greater Authority in Your Niche

If you own the attention of your readers, then your blog’s authority rating will rise across many search engines and you will be known as an authority blog in your niche. You get this title because people trust you and look to you for advice.

2. Gives Your Site a Better Reputation

If you can own your audience, then your site’s reputation will be better accepted across the Internet. People tend to trust other members of their community and if they trust you and your site, then they will look to you as a leader and expert in the niche.

1. Builds Loyalty with Readers

When you own your audience’s loyalty, then this means that all of the readers who visit your blog love what you write and wouldn’t dream of visiting another blog until they’ve visited yours first.

Is there any way to get the audience visiting my site more than they already do?

You can try some of the following suggestions: Put up an opt in form and ask them if they would like updates via email. Get a pop up box that appears when people enter your blog for the first time and explain why you want their email address. Use social media to get your audience to check back more often by making it fun and engaging.

How do I get my audience to interact more?

Give your readers things to share, create polls that they can vote on, or ask them questions about what they would like to see next. Whatever it is you want your audience’s opinion on, just be sure to give them plenty of chances for interaction so you will get information back.

What is the easiest way to get my audience to visit other sites that I love?

You can share these sites in your blog’s comments section so people will begin visiting them too. You could also save a list of blogs or websites you love to read and send them an email letting them know you have a list of other sites for them. You can even create Pinterest boards with your favorite blogs or websites pinned on it so people will see your love for these sites at the top of the list!

What do I need to know about owning my audience’s attention?

You must be thinking ahead and always doing something new to keep them interested. If you create a post that is just like the rest, then there is no point in making it because people will click away from it quickly if they are not interested.

How can I find out who the loyal readers of my blog are?

Some ways to do this might be to create a poll and ask them what’s their favorite thing about your blog, or you could even leave a comment on one of your posts asking them “Why do you visit my site?” You can use email marketing for this as well or social media.

To Bring Things To A Close

When you own your audience, it is like owning a “mini-franchise” with the potential to earn thousands of dollars. Think about how much money and time you’d save if someone else was doing all the marketing for you! This article has given you 10 reasons why now may be the perfect time to take control of your customers’ attention and make some serious cash. Comment below or message us on Facebook with what’s holding you back from taking this leap today!

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